By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Whoever said old times were better was right, there is a nostalgic feeling in the world and when life becomes hard there is a tendency to go back to the times where everything seemed simpler and to the times when we felt happier; to the swing style and Flappers behavior. To the times of corsés, hats and big dresses. Right now is the moment of vintage clothing and new thinking. Thanks to fashion we can transport ourselves to the time we want, without the necessity of being in Halloween.

When you hear about vintage clothing you may think about your grandma’s old couch or your mom’s old graduation dress, it’s kind of truth, but vintage objects are becoming more than just “old objects”, these pieces carry a whole baggage of stories and art combined, is a way of not letting traditions die. In the article “How used clothing became vintage fashion” published in, they declare: “like fine wine, vintage clothing was coming to be regarded as something of high quality that became more valuable with age”, and we totally agree; the quality, the tailoring and the design of each garment makes them sophisticated pieces that we all want to wear.

For this season we will be relieving the elegance of vintage coats, we are going back to the classic sophistication. Warm and cozy coats that seem to have been taken directly from the Russian aristocracy were seen in the collections of Vetements, Céline, Loewe, Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten, Miu Miu and more. Those pieces that weren’t so easy to forget or throw away are realieving and are becoming a must-have in fashionista’s wardrobes, not only for inspiration, but also as every day outfits. They are also gaining a space in stores proving that there is a sense of sentimantality in today’s world and a longing of not forgetting who we were before, but also proving that fashion has the power to let us go back to the past or move to the future in any moment.

The romanticism, the elegance and the uniqueness of vintage clothing have trapped followers from all over the world, people that prefer going for the dramatism, timeless and ethereal looks. Many stores have left the mass- produced clothes to sell hand-made pieces with years and years of history; Anoushka in Paris, Star Struck Vintage Clothing in New York and Decades in Los Angeles are just a few of these stores that provide the costumer with the most exclusive Chanel, Prada, YSL, Balenciaga and many more designes of each decade. Also websites like What Goes Around Comes Around, Peekaboo Vintage and Housing Works Action have as main target the vintage apparels.

This vintage trend has gone further than just clothing, it has also reached accesories, house decoration and even cars, this is a huge change for an industry that is obssesed with the new and the future, but the appealing aspect in this trend is that it lets you wear more than just a piece of fabric, it lets you wear memories and history, it lets you stand out in the crowd and relieve those years that seem to never come back.

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