By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Forget about the heels and the cute dresses for this summmer, forget about the button up tshirts and the blazers, the Athleisure trend is taking over the fashion industry and it promises to become your favorite street style now. It started in 2010 with few cute workout gears but is becoming the main trend this year and is changing all the rules we knew so far. This trend means a balance between sporty and elegant, as we see some celebrities pairing their garments with heels, purses and many other elegant pieces.

This mix between exercise and ready to wear clothing is perfect for the healthy and active lifestyle that people have been living recently, giving them more posibilities to dress stylish without involving “formal”. Before this trend there wasn’t a lot of styles to dress for the gym, now we have plenty of designs that suits all kinds of personalities, and many fashion brands are starting to experiment in this world of sporty apparels. Between jobs, family, social life, working out and hobbies we needed dinamic clothes that suits better with a life on the go.

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The sneakers, the sweat pants, the sports bras and the tracksuits are getting together to give us the most stylish and comfortable experience in the every day life, so if someone ever said workout clothes was only for the gym was very wrong, fabrics like Spandex, Lycra, and other synthetic fibers, normally used for activewear, are being used in workwear to show the versatility of this trend and also are changing the way we see traditional clothing, now it doesn’t matter if you work at an office or outdoors, this can be totally adaptable for both.

The strong acceptance by younger people are turning Athleisure in more than just a trend that comes for two seasons and leaves the next one, this way of dressing is staying in people’s lifes and is becoming the new “casual chic”, this is leading to all kinds of colaborations between celebrities and sports brands; the most recent example is Kendall Jenner who just announced her partnership with Adidas.

One of the reasons why young people are so attracted to this trend is because it reinsures the thinking of relaxation and dynamism so characteristic of these ages, also the article “The Athleisure Trend Is Here To Stay”, published in, says: “this relaxed standard of clothing has been largely driven by the Millennials... their increased health consciousness, and a cultural shift in the workplace, has made it more acceptable to wear sneakers and sweatpants to the office… Millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences, rather than material things. As Athleisure clothing is typically worn for an experience, more often an outdoor experience, such as working out or hiking, they are more likely to spend their money on it”.

But this new lifestyle has proben to fit all ages and people, as we see the world approaching to a more healthy thinking and a more active life, a little bit of style won’t hurt anybody and changing the way we dress is probably the most reasonable way to start adapting this lifestyle in our lifes.

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