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No labels- No Boundaries

No labels- no boundaries

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

When it comes to fashion nowadays, there are many ways of showing yourself the way you are and communicating anything you want to the world with your clothes. However it wasn’t always like this, in the past there were certaing rules you couldn’t break and things that weren’t acceptable to wear for some. People were labeled into different categories they couldn’t get rid of, and as a result, they became self-conscious and afraid of finding their individuality.

Difference was not very admitted before and everyone had to accept their assigned identity even if they didn’t quite belong there, for society things were either black or white, it was after when they started seeing a whole palette of colors and posibilities ahead of them. Women had to dress delicately, men had to show dominance, and gender indentity was never an explore topic. Everyone had their destiny decided as soon as they were born.

The history of fashion changed the moment Yves Saint Laurent showed a smoking for women in the season of Fall/Winter 1966. Rebels started breaking rules in fashion, women started dressing “innapropriately” and were forbidden to enter some public places. The androgynous look changed the way people saw society and the way people saw themselves in the world, and this trend is stronger than ever today. For a society that wants to stop being labeled, there can’t be more gender boundaries created and there is a need to be able decide who you want to be.

Now we are seeing people like Jaden Smith wearing skirts, Rita Ora wearing men’s clothing, Laverne Cox as a very successfull trasgender actrees, and as seen recently Gauthier Destenay, husband of the first minister of Luxembourg, in a photo with the first ladies; changing the ways we see relationships, and the roles that man and women have taken in society.

As an all time emblem of unisex we have the pants, that were forbidden for women because they would be consider as “transvesties”, and now is a versatile piece that can be worn in many different ways, also we have recently seen flower prints for man shirts, skirts during men’s fashion week and tuxedos as the perfect outfit for women. So there’s no need to go for the safe and the same, when you have all kinds of options out there.

Garments for this unisex trend have appeared in runways for a really long time, allowding people to express their true identity. Wardrobes now aren’t about genders, they’re about self expression and a way to recognize your personality in the clothes you are wearing. It might take a while for people to fully embrace this trend and for us to start seeing it on the streets. But what is truth is that soon we will start seeing less people afraid of labels and more secure about their identity.

All the photos taken from www.Vogue.com

Fashion is going green

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Global warming has caught the attention of hundreds of people around the world and is now one of the biggest concerns of the XXI century. It stopped being an important issue just for activists and is bringing together all kinds of people that are looking for a change and trying to get an fast solution. A solution that can not only be given from the companies or recycling in our houses, but from all the industries and all the areas of our life.

The fashion industry has joined this initiative to stop global warming and with new technologies, processes and textiles seeks to contribute to the environment. For many years fashion has been stigmatized and criticized for its harsh processes, which not only affected the environment, but in many cases was against the life of animals, and now this industry is finally changing it’s policies and making a good impact in the world.

This new way of making clothes is called sustainable fashion. Clothing that don’t cause damage in the environment, and on the contrary takes care of it because of their eco-friendly practices. According to the website www.greenstrategy.se, sustainable fashion refers to "clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects". This is done using recyclable materials, using renewable energy and not wasting the natural resources involved in this process.

Recycled textiles went from being an ordinary and economic option to being the main requirement, not only for those who call themselves vegans, but also for all consumers of fashion. It was a matter of time to understand that recycling is not a waste of time and became the most “in” activity lately.

From organic and recycled fabrics, to renewable materials like Wood are being used by some eco-friendly brands showing that green is not ugly or cheap like many people think. This practice is growing and is attracting much more consumers worried about the future of the earth. Forget the activists and fashion victims, this trend is for everyone.

Brands like Stella Mcartney, H & M, Puma, Adidas and many more have turned to the green trend and are creating art with recycled materials that will end up in the hands of a new wave that chose to save the environment, they are now part of that group that wants to reduce their footprint in the world and are helping take care of it, proving that style, consumism and green can go hand to hand, and each time are more the brands who wants to join the movement.

Photos taken from http://www.thefashionspot.com

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