Thanks to everyone who joined us for our FWSD17 Resort Fashion Show at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our FWSD17 Resort Fashion Show at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa! The show featured FWSD17 Designers: Hulabelle Swimwear, IamSublime, Jamie Wooning, RHCreation & VaughnBerry. It also featured:The Shops at La Costa: Audrey’s Boutique, LiveWell, Lilly Pulitzer at La Costa & Coastal Dunes.

Thanks to Bellus Academy for the incredible hair and makeup, and to HC Photography for capturing these beautiful photos!

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The next season:
BK Style Foundation presents FWBK
S/S 2018 Collections
"Lights, Camera, Brooklyn"
Oct 01-07- 2017
@Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse - 73 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
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We are testing the first previews at Victor Magazine

We are testing the first previews at Victor Magazine
Featuring: Frescobol Carioca Swim Shorts

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Music and fashion, a duo that never gets old

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Music has always been a way of expression and communication. For those who write it is a way to tell people their ideas and the way they see the world, for those who follow it is a way of identification with a group and their beliefs. With fashion is the same, is a way to tell the world who you are, what are your beliefs and where do you belong. With these similarities is obvious why music and fashion have always find each other for support and ideas.

As a timeless trend band tees have transcended over the years to become the all time favorite vintage accesory, helping us to achieve a rocker and casual look. This garments are making big statements between celebrities and fashionistas because is a piece that you can style pretty much for any ocassion and with any other garment, and what makes it so interesting is that we are coming back to the times where people was brough together by music and fashion, no matter how their race, nationality or sexual orientation were.

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Bands like Aerosmith, The Ramones, Gun’s N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and many others that made young souls and teenagers dream and speak their minds, are coming back to let us be rebels once again, to let us feel tough and free. This 90’s inspired trend is reaching everyone out there, and is bringing together fans and outsiders, we might not be sure if half of the people wearing it has ever listened to their songs or being at a concert, but we sure know it looks good.

Collaborations between music and fashion have been responsible for the biggest youth movements of all times, turning these industries into communicators of ideas and opinions about the world surrounding us, changing the mind of people who were looking for an identity and a group where they could fit in, people who were looking to speak about their beliefs without being judged. This phenomenon has been happening since the 60’s, it was repeated in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

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When we talk about fashion inspired by music is imposible to ignore those cultural movements motivated by peace, nonconfirmity, and rebellion, and inspired by artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppellin, The mamas & the papas and others. The Hippies have been one of the most influential movements of all times and with their ideals of pacifism still have echo in our era, not only in the way we dress, but many aspects of our life.

It also happened during the 80’s when fashion was moved by the disco music and musicians, and they saw the birth of the Glamrock style, over the top looks with platforms, glitter and feathers inspired by the excesive life of Elton John and David Bowi. And the 90’s were also moved by music when the Grunge style touched everyone from musicians, to teenagers, to supermodels. This movement that preached and anti- consumism aesthetic was introduced by the band Nirvana and the leading singer Kurt Cobain.


The Collection BLUE VENTURE is inspired by Retrofuturism with a special focus on the 1960ies and the Space Age. Taking the past optimism as a role model for today but also reflecting on what might go wrong in nowadays western society due to the growing influence of machines and social media which seem to make the individual itself easier to replace.
BLUE VENTURE playfully shows opposites by combining light drapings and knots with heavy fabrics, bold shapes and prints.

If you are interested in watching the BLUE VENTURE Fashion Film please visit Feel free to post the clip as well.

DC Fashion Week’s grand finale event

DC Fashion Week's grand finale event returns on Sunday, September 24, 2017, at the historic Sphinx Club at Franklin Square.

Sunday, September 24 at 5 PM - 9 PM EDT

2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW, #450, Washington, District of Columbia 20006

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Athleisure, The New “Casual Chic”

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Forget about the heels and the cute dresses for this summmer, forget about the button up tshirts and the blazers, the Athleisure trend is taking over the fashion industry and it promises to become your favorite street style now. It started in 2010 with few cute workout gears but is becoming the main trend this year and is changing all the rules we knew so far. This trend means a balance between sporty and elegant, as we see some celebrities pairing their garments with heels, purses and many other elegant pieces.

This mix between exercise and ready to wear clothing is perfect for the healthy and active lifestyle that people have been living recently, giving them more posibilities to dress stylish without involving “formal”. Before this trend there wasn’t a lot of styles to dress for the gym, now we have plenty of designs that suits all kinds of personalities, and many fashion brands are starting to experiment in this world of sporty apparels. Between jobs, family, social life, working out and hobbies we needed dinamic clothes that suits better with a life on the go.

(Paste photo athleisure_1)

The sneakers, the sweat pants, the sports bras and the tracksuits are getting together to give us the most stylish and comfortable experience in the every day life, so if someone ever said workout clothes was only for the gym was very wrong, fabrics like Spandex, Lycra, and other synthetic fibers, normally used for activewear, are being used in workwear to show the versatility of this trend and also are changing the way we see traditional clothing, now it doesn’t matter if you work at an office or outdoors, this can be totally adaptable for both.

The strong acceptance by younger people are turning Athleisure in more than just a trend that comes for two seasons and leaves the next one, this way of dressing is staying in people’s lifes and is becoming the new “casual chic”, this is leading to all kinds of colaborations between celebrities and sports brands; the most recent example is Kendall Jenner who just announced her partnership with Adidas.

One of the reasons why young people are so attracted to this trend is because it reinsures the thinking of relaxation and dynamism so characteristic of these ages, also the article “The Athleisure Trend Is Here To Stay”, published in, says: “this relaxed standard of clothing has been largely driven by the Millennials... their increased health consciousness, and a cultural shift in the workplace, has made it more acceptable to wear sneakers and sweatpants to the office… Millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences, rather than material things. As Athleisure clothing is typically worn for an experience, more often an outdoor experience, such as working out or hiking, they are more likely to spend their money on it”.

But this new lifestyle has proben to fit all ages and people, as we see the world approaching to a more healthy thinking and a more active life, a little bit of style won’t hurt anybody and changing the way we dress is probably the most reasonable way to start adapting this lifestyle in our lifes.

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Photo by 656 Photography
Featured Designers: Baza HautecoutureHaus of K2, & RACA Designs.
Featured Models: Luz Lopez, Alexandra Burch, & Amara Carey

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