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Ellah and her Walk on Fame

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

From beauty queen, to reality star, to the leading role in a soap opera, Stellah Nantumbwe, more known as Ellah, has made a name for herself and has made her way to stardom.

With a succesfull TV show that airs on NTV, the former Miss Uganda has trascended and left her beauty peagent days behind to become part of Uganda’s entertainment business. A normal day in her life is on set filming her tv series, Second Chance, that has been running for the last seven months and where she plays the role of Isabel, “it’s been an amazing opportunity and it’s such a high energy environment… I’m so happy to say we have overwhelming support from the viewers and are currently the most watched show on prime time”, she said.

A big show and big success bring along a public image that sometimes is hard to control, even for herself, and is a problem that most of celebrities have to deal with, scandals and most of all, lies and false rumors, what’s her way to stay away from it? Like Ellah said, she prefers keeping her private life in private, but that doesn’t keep people away from making up all kind of crazy stories about her, “I’m always dating, engaged or married to people without my knowledge… I try not to let it bother me too much”. But what about Seya’s son? The latest gossip is that she is dating him, is that rumor truth? According to Ellah it is totally false “I’m not dating Seya’s son. If I ever truly feel the need to share that part of my life with the public, I’d do it on my social media platforms or through my management team”.

However that much popularity comes also with big responsabilites, not everyone has the chance to be in the media everyday, and not everyone has been able to create a strong and powerful voice like celebrities do. Recently we have seen many celebrities involved in organizations and movements that promotes good causes, whether is political, environmental, feminism or other matters, they are using their voice to make a change in the world. When it comes to Ellah she believes that celebrities are obligated to stand for something, “when you’re in the public eye people look up to you, sometimes your opinion can inspire movements. I think if you have been blessed enough to lead, lead with a purpose”.

Ellah assures that the reality of her life might be a little too different than what she has to project in her job or to the public, saying that normally she is very shy, even if it doesn’t seem like she is, and she prefers having a close circle of friends around her, and has no intentions to change that, and with a really loud laugh she also admitted she likes to dance in her free time. In entertainment business might be a little bit tricky to find a balance in life, what’s her key to do that? “a strong support system to keep you levelled”she answered, her mom as her number one fan and her family that have always supported her through her career.

Her childhood dream became truth in 2013 when she was crowned Miss Uganda, and this was also the beginning of her promising career. Beauty pageants have been criticized over the years and have been scrutinized by several organizations claiming that these contests have created false stereotypes for women. An article called “Beauty pageants are embarrassing – even if you name the right winner” written by Jessica Valenti and published by says: “The pageants themselves – in addition to the explicitly vacuous swimsuit competition – have policies and rules that make clear women’s worth is very much dependent on her sexuality and ability to perform a narrow model of proper femininity”.

But Ellah, as a former contestant and as someone who lived in her own skin this experience, has a different point of view about it stating “I don’t think beauty pageants only focus on looks; brains and intellect are just as important, that´s why a winner is chosen solely on their ability to answer a question. Beauty with a purpose is the slogan… is a platform to help others”. Being crowned beauty queen comes with a really big responsabilites , specially because they become the international representation of the country, so is also a way to show all the wonders and good things their country has. As the face of Uganda she claims that she would love showing to the world the people of her country, their happiness and adventurous spirit. The diverse eco system and the wildlife the country has, “Uganda is truly the Pearl of África”.

When it comes to goals, she hasn’t stopped dreaming yet, she is still working everyday on new projects and new purposes; we might see her in the future with her own clothing brand, or experiencing new opportunities in other countries. One thing she is sure about is that right now she feels genuinly happy to be doing what she loves.

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When the basic tee is the statement

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

When you talk about a fashion statement, you may think about a big, colorful, monumental and beautiful piece of clothing that speaks for itself, or like the Oxford Dictionary might define it, a fashion statement is “denoting something, such as a visually striking piece of jewellery, clothing, or interior decoration, that is intended to convey a particular attitude or image”. Well in 2017, a fashion statement is letting your clothes do all the talking, and how is that? Well this year’s biggest trends come with messages printed on, that’s right, if you wanted to get political and loud about your beliefs, fashion is on your side this time.

Even when some people think that fashion and politics might not make a good mix, the truth is that they have always been related, Anna Wintour said once “If you look at any great fashion photograph out of context, it will tell you just as much about what's going on in the world as a headline in The New York Times”, specially when you have designers like Stella McCartney, Christian Dior and many others, that are not afraid of speaking their mind and calling for a change.


This year, the best accesory you can wear is a political statement, that you can have written on your tee. This trend, shown in many collections for spring/summer and fall/winter seasons, is helping people to speak their mind, even if it’s not with their voice. Messages like “we should all be feminists” from Dior or “the future is female” by Prabal Gurung; who appeared in the runway with a tshirt that said “this is what a feminist looks like”, or just a simple word like “love” in a sweater of Michael Kors, were seeing from New York to London, Paris and Milan, and are calling people from all over the world, with all religions and beliefs to join the revolution.


Your all time favorite basic tee for a lazy sunday in bed or to go to the gym, has made a big come back, and promises to become your favorite item this year. When you see celebrities like Chiara Ferragni, Kathreen Khavari, Emily Ratajkowski and Katy Perry, making a statement with just a tshirt you will want to get yours right away.

     (photos taken from

If you are wondering how to style your slogan t-shirt, the good news is that this garment is very versatile, and looks good basically with everything. This basic t-shirt can be worn with many looks; from a pair of clasic jeans with sneakers, long skirts, denim shorts or with a blazer for a formal look, and you can also take it to the supermarket, to the movies, to work or to a night out with friends.

Clothes have always talked about the person who wears them, but this year says more than we think. The result? People more secure about their beliefs and less afraid of what other people think.

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The Hair Revolution

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

2017 has been a year of revolutions and nonconformity. It seems like this year people really opened up about injustice and raised their voice to protect their rights. We saw bad choices that brought people together against inequity. The world saw this year one of the biggest women’s movement of all times: the women’s march; that took place all over the world, where millions of women walked together to fight for the dreamed equality, and not only that; men, LGTBI and people all ages and races walked together to fight Trump’s new politics, supporting everyone who was damaged, hurt or disrispected by his comments. This year the world has proven to have a louder voice than ever, changing people’s attitude, tastes, behavior and also looks! and it seems like this movement has no plans of coming back.

(photo taken from

As always, a really big change of mind in the world comes with a really big change of looks. It is known that the way you look makes you feel different and act different, that’s why fashion has always been a reflection of what society is going through. Society has managed to give rules of what an ideal of beauty is, and women have always been caught up in unrealistic stereotypes, that might characterize a few, but is not the reality of most women. That’s why nowadays fashion and looks became a way of disobedience; looking different is a rebelious action against what’s already stablished.

We have seen many movements that prove that women’s beauty can’t only be seen in one look, but in many different looks. Women are starting to accept their own beauty as a statement of strenght and power. And lately we have seen women’s hair go shorter and shorter, or even shaved at all, proving that feminity is not made by hair or a specific looks. According to the article “The Post-Trump Haircut”, posted in, “women are expressing their anger and frustration, and taking a stand with their hair”. Hair has always been an important part of women’s life, to the point of saying that a change of hair is a change of life, so for women to cut their hair or change to a drastic color speaks a lot about the part that we are taking in society and the voice we are making for ourselves, there’s no need to hide anymore, because the world is our.

(photos taken from

We saw in the last Met Gala celebrities going from goldielocks, to lobs and pixies and hard colors, or even afros. Making them look, not only different, but also stronger, powerful and really beautiful. These celebs are using their voice and important events are becoming their platform to help change the beauty stigma. In a world that taught us that feminity is having long hair, for these celebs to walk a red carpet rocking a short haircut, with a strong look, a beautiful gown, and still look as feminine as before, is a sign of a very needed change, is a sign that women have been awaken, and that we are a presence to be recognized. And the fact that the trend now are short haircuts and bold colors, validate this new revolution that comes from fashion, and validate women’s power.

      (photos taken from

In her last Instagram post, Cara Delevigne expresses what most women have been feeling for a really long time. The photo that has reached more than two million likes, and shows the celebrity with her new bald look, captions: “It’s exhausting to be told what beauty should look like. I am tired of society defining beauty for us. Strip away the clothes, wipe off the make up, cut off the hair. Remove all the material possesions. Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?”. A strong statement that caught the reactions of millions of women around the world who shared Cara’s preocupation and applauded her voice.

(photo taken from

So this is the idea, we don’t need to shave our heads or cut our hair to be strong and loud, but we can raise our voice against society’s defintion of beauty and join the revolution that many women started a long time ago and today we have the power to continue.



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