Band tees. Oh, we love them. God my closet is so boring, I have nothing to wear. Wait, My new band tee, done! We swear by them. We have never received so many compliments on one item of clothing. Most of the time, it's the last minute, last resort option for whatever event we're going to, but none the less it always looks effortless and put together, all at the same damn time. It's even better when you're digging through your closet and come across your boyfriend's band tee, and can pull it off like a dress or an over-sized shirt with leggings. The grungier the better, we say. It's okay if its not your all time FAVORITE band (tell those haters to mind their own if they ask), but if you come across a Justin Bieber or Drake tee, pleaseee let us know! Next time you're shopping make sure you pick up a new band tee for your wardrobe, you'll thank us later.

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