FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New promotional model video for Miko Meeks (Explicit)

Creative Industry Group is at it again with their amazing Director Emonee LaRussa for the sexy, hottest model promo video to exit the summer into Fall.

MIKO Meeks is an emerging model out of Sacramento, CA. For those of you that aren't Aware Miko Meeks is our Spokemodels and has been signed with Creative Industry Group for only 6 months. Miko has made very clear she won't stop. "

No job no family no friends will stop me from becoming the best model and Actress I can be". Miko says with power behind her voice.

Miko is becoming a very familiar face in the fashion community as she has attend numerous red carpet events like Grammy Weekend, BET awards weekend. She has partied with some of the biggest celebrities in the industry.

Don't Forget to check out Miko Meeks walk the runway at Melange 2015 in SF this Saturday!!!


Make up: @makeupbyangela


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Thank you to Director: Matt Bates

Director of Photography: Yoshi Rodriguez

Celebrity Designer: Tiffany Rae Designs

Actors/models: Nicholas Mark Imagery, Miko Meeks, Kayla Marquez, Chantel Torio

Miko Meeks