New York Fashion Week Partnership..

Our sister event Staten Island Fashion Week partnered with New York Fashion Week Staten Island to show us the pre-fashion week presentation with fashion designer Maritza Guevara Sanchez representing PERU for the last Inka's "Sun Virgins" exhibit at the Edgewater Hall, North Shore Fashion District in Stapleton.


A moment with Anita Fabiola

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Photographer: Nicholas Mark Imagery

choker: Couturemask

MUA: Ebboni Johnson

Stylist: Chantel Jean-Torio

Produced by: CIG

When we think of a “girlboss”, we think about someone who is always on the go, full of plans and full of future and that’s the case of Anita Fabiola, an actress, beauty queen, television personality and entrepreneur, who divides her time between showbiz and changing women’s life with her Fab Girls Foundation, an NGO that focuses on creating awareness to the issues faced by the girl child. Anita, who started once as a beauty Queen, has overcome her pageants personality to become a strong force in the industry.

With different projects right now; a tv show coming up, her partnership with Afripods, and a beauty and hair line soon to be lunched, she is opening her way in USA where she is hoping to show the world her charisma and talent; “we all grow up knowing America is the land of opportunity, but everywhere is the land of opportunity if you work towards your calling”, she added.

Photographer: Nicholas Mark Imagery

Skirt: Douglas Bradley Jordan 

MUA: Ebboni Johnson

Stylist: Chantel Jean-Torio

Produced by: CIG

Her path hasn’t been easy, but she has managed to get the opportunity to work with the best, creating a name for herself and a prosperous career. When it comes to impress the crowd, there’s no one better than Anita, and that’s exactly what she did when she was the host on the 2016 BET Awards red Carpet in LA, a moment that has made her one of the favorites of the public, “these events are very important to black people culture and the Entertainment and Music industry in General. They give us a chance to control our narrative, tell our stories, inspire and get inspired by each other, learn and most importantly bond and come together”.

As her fame grows and her career rises, she gets to collaborate with amazing personalities, last time was the chance to work for the amazing photographer Nicholas Mark Imagery, and she might not have broken the internet like Kim Kardashian did, but she definitely caught the attention of people who wanted to know more about her, “shooting with such an incredible photographer, his artistic vision and professionalism is totally incomparable. I had so much fun and it was totally out of the box for me”, she said. But wait, didn’t we see some topless photos there? Oh yes we did, and she feels nothing but proud to have done it “the thought of it freaked me out so much, but he made me feel so comfortable and confident enough to do it.” And if you are looking forward to see more collaborations of this, today is your lucky day, according to Anita, we should expect more of this in the future.

Photographer: Nicholas Mark Imagery

MUA:  Ebboni Johnson

Stylist: Chantel Jean-Torio

Produced by: CIG

But her life has showed her that the best job she can do is helping other women to feel better about themselves, like she once did, and specially become an inspiration for those who now feel in a dark place “I was inspired by my own story to start this NGO. When I went through everything I went through in 2015 and managed to pick myself back up, with strength and confidence, I knew then that I wanted to help other girls there dealing with issues I dealt with or even worse”. That’s her real passion and what inspires her to work in this field.

But even if most of her future projects are still confidential, we should expect to see more of this Fab Girl: a lot of success coming her way, and a long path to inspire others.

Photographer: Nicholas Mark Imagery

Fashion Bitch Clothing 

MUA: https Ebboni Johnson

Stylist: Chantel Jean-Torio

Produced by: CIG

Models from Texas arrived in Manhattan

Models from Texas arrived in Manhattan for the New York Fashion Week season just starting!
Designer: Shaun Tristan Davis
Models: Mya and Madison
Photo: Victor Quinteros

Escaping from the cold

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

When the weather goes down, and the temperature doesn’t even let you leave the bed, or when the layer on layer only makes you look like a walking closet, you know you can always count with the south for a little fun during the winter. With a perfect weather that doesn’t go down more than 20 degrees, beautiful beaches and the best tropical environment you have found the best escape from the cold north.

It’s hard to think that when some are freezing, others are having mojitos at the beach, and that’s the reason why countries in the south are the perfect choice when looking for vacations during the cold holidays. A little bit of salsa dancing, the white sand beaches and the hot weather is what everyone is needing at this moment, that’s why we have picked the best looks from the Resort 2018 collection to heat up your holidays.

Whether you are enjoying the view of the Caribbean in Playa del Carmen, México or exploring the nature in Costa Rica, one thing is sure, these countries are rich in diversity of fruits, nature and food, that’s why adding color and color to your outfits is the key to mix with the locals, bright colors such as yellow, red, blue, pink, and green, will make you forget about your gray coat at home.

If you are more a classic person and prefer enjoying the beauty of a Greek island this trend is for you: brands like J Mendel, Roberto Cavalli, Fausto Puglisi, Stella McCartney, Gucci and Chanel have taken inspiration in ancient goddesses with loose dresses, light fabrics and pastel colors, a comfortable and very stylish way to enjoy vacations. But if you can’t let go your corporate side a plaid print will be you ally during your resting time.

While walking through the colorful old town in Cartagena, Colombia, sightseeing in Cape Town, South Africa or having a stroll in Capri, Italy a wild flower print will always make a good match with the romantic scenarios you can find in these cities, the colorful buildings and the beauty of the flowers will give you inspiration for your outfits.

Prints usually represent diversity and movement that’s why a vibrant cowboy print with a classic dress can be perfect in case you’re thinking of going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or Melbourne, Australia. And never forget the stripes for a nautical look if you prefer going to the Canary Islands.

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The Trans Fashion Week Initiative

The Trans Fashion Week Initiative - the Course begins January 9th 2018 at the Evanston Art Center. The students will be creating couture paper garments worn by TRANS youth during Chicago's Fashion Week to spear head an ALL INCLUSIVE Fashion Week here in Chicago. Garments will be shown during Fashion Week in April 2018. Register here >

TRANS life -- thought MEDIA -- in FASHION

Ultra Violet: the color of the future

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

The pantone color of 2018 has been announced, and we coudn’t help but thinking the challenges that as a society we have ahead. This color, not only shows a pretty shade that people will be wearing next year, it also symbolizes the reality we are living in our world, and the changes we have to make in order to improve.

The Ultra Violet was chosen as the color of next year directly inspired by legends like Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix which represents the counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. This color shows, not only creativity, imagination and inventiveness, but also an urge of a very needed change in the world. Non- comformity as a way to change our present, and experimentation as a way to create a new future.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute said: “We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet, a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potenttial to a higher level. From exploring new techonologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come”

Pantone made a correct reading of the world sorrounding us right now, the economy, the politics and the society. People with the need to explore their identity and individuality, countries supressing thoughts and behaviors, wars and consumism have made Ultra Violet the color we were all needing, as said by Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute:”truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.”

This color is challenging each one of us to become our better selfs, to get to a higher level of thinking and start making changes. It gives us a scape from the overwhelming day to day life, the spirutality of the Ultra violet, plus it’s mindfullnes are our ways to hide the messy world we have created, and the use of this color in meditation spaces allows us a better connection with the universe.

Originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking are the doors to the future, and that’s what designers are challenged to communicate with their new collections. The mistery of the future and the responsability that’s in our hands to create a new reality all over again, new discoveries and new ways of thinking are the outcome of the Ultra Violet shade.