Frida Kahlo, individuality and female power

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

On July 6 1907, 110 years ago, México saw the birth of one of the most influential women in the world of art, Frida Kahlo, and on July 13 1957, the death of the mexican artista. Today we commemorate and remember the woman who not only has touched Mexico and art, but has also left a great influence on pop culture, women and fashion all over the world.

The influence of this woman lies in her revolutionary look, always against the conventional and the established, she wasn’t interested in the norm and the rules of the well dressed. It can’t be said that Frida was the idealized beauty of her time and this is what makes her more attractive for the society we live today; Her individuality and personality helped her to create a unique image, and she was fearless of showing herself as she was. This security and strength in projecting herself in her self-portraits and in real life make her an icon for all women today.

Her love for Mexico and for the indigenous communities that lived there created her iconic style, she wasn’t afraid to show hers roots, experiment with color and mix patterns. Her bushy eyebrows, her big black hair, flower headdresses, red lips and her garments which included brocade corsets, hand embroidered skirts and pleated silks, have been the inspiration for different designers fascinated by the diversity and the richness of her appearance. Jean Paul Gaultier, Lena Hoschek, Valentino, Missoni, Givenchy, and many others have been carried away by the charm of this woman with rebelious spirit and have included a little of Frida’s fashion to their collections.

As a painter she stood out for her self-portraits, in which she showed an idealized version of herself, a way of communicating what she wanted to be, beyond the disability that put her in bed for several months. As a woman she felt that, more than beauty, she must show strength, individuality and ambition. As a feminist she rejected the ideal of beauty that society was interposing her, and as an icon, she has made her legacy remain over the years and has transcended the barriers of the countries, bringing her style to all corners of the world.

Her lessons about female power, love, society and individuality have left an echo in the world, a legacy for girls and women that support their beliefs in her life. And she has earned the right to have her name being said along with the most influential women of the XX century: Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy.

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Fashion is going green

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Global warming has caught the attention of hundreds of people around the world and is now one of the biggest concerns of the XXI century. It stopped being an important issue just for activists and is bringing together all kinds of people that are looking for a change and trying to get an fast solution. A solution that can not only be given from the companies or recycling in our houses, but from all the industries and all the areas of our life.

The fashion industry has joined this initiative to stop global warming and with new technologies, processes and textiles seeks to contribute to the environment. For many years fashion has been stigmatized and criticized for its harsh processes, which not only affected the environment, but in many cases was against the life of animals, and now this industry is finally changing it’s policies and making a good impact in the world.

This new way of making clothes is called sustainable fashion. Clothing that don’t cause damage in the environment, and on the contrary takes care of it because of their eco-friendly practices. According to the website, sustainable fashion refers to "clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects". This is done using recyclable materials, using renewable energy and not wasting the natural resources involved in this process.

Recycled textiles went from being an ordinary and economic option to being the main requirement, not only for those who call themselves vegans, but also for all consumers of fashion. It was a matter of time to understand that recycling is not a waste of time and became the most “in” activity lately.

From organic and recycled fabrics, to renewable materials like Wood are being used by some eco-friendly brands showing that green is not ugly or cheap like many people think. This practice is growing and is attracting much more consumers worried about the future of the earth. Forget the activists and fashion victims, this trend is for everyone.

Brands like Stella Mcartney, H & M, Puma, Adidas and many more have turned to the green trend and are creating art with recycled materials that will end up in the hands of a new wave that chose to save the environment, they are now part of that group that wants to reduce their footprint in the world and are helping take care of it, proving that style, consumism and green can go hand to hand, and each time are more the brands who wants to join the movement.

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Minimalism Equals Fascinating

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Minimalism has touched every aspect of our lifes for a really long time, it has reached art, decoration, fashion and even the way we live, and far from being boring Minimalism is the art of doing amazing things with very little, it shows the creativity and innovation of individuals, proving that a simple object can say more than we think, no wonder why the most stylish people in the industry have adopted this style as their characteristic look.

Minimalist clothes lets the person take the charge of the outfit and be the center of attention, in this case is the human behind the clothes the one people will be looking at, and will give him the possibility to own the look withouth being overshadow. Don’t get confused, this doesn’t mean minimalist trend is boring, opposite to this you can make it even more interesting and still be the center of attention.

Let’s start for some facts, Minimalist clothes are the most versatile pieces and because of their clean lines and classic silhouettes you can mix them in many different ways and with many other pieces that can highlight your look. An other fact that should make all of us prefer this trend is that it’s pieces are never out of style, you can wear them in different seasons and still look as flawless and trendy as others, but without spending hundreds of dollars changing your wardrobe every four months.

When it comes to Minimalist fashion is obvious that less is more but there’s a fine line between classic and boring that we should avoid at all cost. There are few key pieces you can wear if you want to achieve the perfect eye-catching look. Oversized sweaters, long coats, wide pants, simple-cut dresses and light fabrics might not be a statement when they are separated, but if you put this together you can create a really interesting visual concept.

This trend is all about color blocking, but it doesn’t have to be only black and white, and that’s the first mistake people make when they think of Minimalist, although black and white is not a bad idea there are plenty of pastels and earth colors perfect for this trend. A mix of fabrics will make your outfit go beyond normal and the adition of simple accesories will give you the extra edge you were needing.

Fashion has explored many different ways to please the most eccentric and unconventional tastes and personalities out there, and designers have found a very selected group in which they can explore all their creativity, allowding this industry to grow and become more artistic every time. However, these designs are not for everyone and some people just prefer going for a classic look. Different from what few people might think these minimalist pieces provide a very clean, put-together and classy look, instead of a boring and plain outfit.



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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our FWSD17 Resort Fashion Show at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our FWSD17 Resort Fashion Show at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa! The show featured FWSD17 Designers: Hulabelle Swimwear, IamSublime, Jamie Wooning, RHCreation & VaughnBerry. It also featured:The Shops at La Costa: Audrey’s Boutique, LiveWell, Lilly Pulitzer at La Costa & Coastal Dunes.

Thanks to Bellus Academy for the incredible hair and makeup, and to HC Photography for capturing these beautiful photos!

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Music and fashion, a duo that never gets old

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Music has always been a way of expression and communication. For those who write it is a way to tell people their ideas and the way they see the world, for those who follow it is a way of identification with a group and their beliefs. With fashion is the same, is a way to tell the world who you are, what are your beliefs and where do you belong. With these similarities is obvious why music and fashion have always find each other for support and ideas.

As a timeless trend band tees have transcended over the years to become the all time favorite vintage accesory, helping us to achieve a rocker and casual look. This garments are making big statements between celebrities and fashionistas because is a piece that you can style pretty much for any ocassion and with any other garment, and what makes it so interesting is that we are coming back to the times where people was brough together by music and fashion, no matter how their race, nationality or sexual orientation were.

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Bands like Aerosmith, The Ramones, Gun’s N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and many others that made young souls and teenagers dream and speak their minds, are coming back to let us be rebels once again, to let us feel tough and free. This 90’s inspired trend is reaching everyone out there, and is bringing together fans and outsiders, we might not be sure if half of the people wearing it has ever listened to their songs or being at a concert, but we sure know it looks good.

Collaborations between music and fashion have been responsible for the biggest youth movements of all times, turning these industries into communicators of ideas and opinions about the world surrounding us, changing the mind of people who were looking for an identity and a group where they could fit in, people who were looking to speak about their beliefs without being judged. This phenomenon has been happening since the 60’s, it was repeated in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

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When we talk about fashion inspired by music is imposible to ignore those cultural movements motivated by peace, nonconfirmity, and rebellion, and inspired by artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppellin, The mamas & the papas and others. The Hippies have been one of the most influential movements of all times and with their ideals of pacifism still have echo in our era, not only in the way we dress, but many aspects of our life.

It also happened during the 80’s when fashion was moved by the disco music and musicians, and they saw the birth of the Glamrock style, over the top looks with platforms, glitter and feathers inspired by the excesive life of Elton John and David Bowi. And the 90’s were also moved by music when the Grunge style touched everyone from musicians, to teenagers, to supermodels. This movement that preached and anti- consumism aesthetic was introduced by the band Nirvana and the leading singer Kurt Cobain.