By: Rachel Dishman

Don't know how to explain to you guys how excited I am to work on this project with FASHION WEEK SAN DIEGO for their 10 year anniversary!

I was able to go to FIDM to meet all the designers of 2017 and interview them & pick their brains on finding inspiration, their favorite item in their collection for the runway, must-have item, and the hardest part about being a designer!

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From The Streets To The Runways

From the streets to the runways

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

It is strange to think that hip hop and fashion can get along, but these two have been an example of great collaborations and inspiration; Hip Hop mentions fashion in some of its lyrics and fashion is inspired by its movement and aesthetic. That's right, this movement that began on the streets of the Bronx now finds place on the world's main catwalks and in the biggest fashion houses.

One of the biggest trends for this fall comes from the hand of the rappers and the streets, a trend that has been validated by models like Gigi, Kendall and Hailey Baldwin, and is not only inspired by the silhouettes and the clothes they wear, but also by the rebellion transmitted by those who have been part of this movement over the years.

Bomber jackets have been one of the favorite garments for these seasons, for next season we will see them again and stronger than before. At the same time, garments such as crop tops, mini skirts, tight dresses, straight pants, hoods, oversized garments, denim and metallic colors will be part of this trend inspired by Hip Hop culture.

You might be wondering what attitude needs to be adopted with these clothes, well it is recommended an irreverent attitude, no rules allowed in both men and women. I'm sure you've heard about... Rihanna? Well, to rock this trend get inspired in the Rihanna attitude, create your own rules.

Hip hop began with the frustration of young people living in the Bronx, they used their music as a protest against the poor life quality they had. This movement was first spread in New York, then to young people in the United States, and soon the whole world would be drifting into this movement, becoming a fundamental part of pop culture. From there, fashion began to take note of what was seen on the streets, from 1990 some designers included this aesthetic in their collections; Karl Lagerfeld did it in 1991 with piles of gold jewelry on his models.

Phat Farm, the first Hip Hop brand was born, taking the Hip Hop lifestyle to an other level. In an interview with the New York times, the rapper Nasir Jones, also known as Nas said: ““What was important to me in the ’90s was representing that guy from the inner city, but once I brought that message from the block to the world, there became another side to it — a fancier, flyer side.”


More is more

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Fashion has been in charge of giving us some rules to improve our style and way of dressing. If we use stripes, we can not use flowers, if we use a strong color, we can not use another strong color, less is more. Well, is time to forget all these rules and become rebels, that’s right, style rebels, break all the rules said before, because now the trend is more and more.

While summer ends our efforts are focused on finding the best Fall style. This year the perfect style is to add more and more. More color, more print and more layers, opposite garments that didn’t get along before are becoming best friends now, creating dinamic and fun looks. On Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 runway shows, designers made us forget about all the rules and gave us the opportunity to explore this season.

Geometric prints, denim, stripes, camouflage, big accessories and leopard print, all of that can go together if you want to. This aesthetic characteristic of the 80's creates a great contrast between classic and minimalistic garments versus overloaded style in other garments, and it has been adopted this year by designers like Versace, Gucci, Emilio Pucci and many more, making it clear that fashion doesn’t get along well with rules and is always a good time to break them.

We are approaching a time when individuality is the most important accessory when it comes to dressing. So many changes in the world have led people to want to distinguish themselves and show their own personality, and fashion has helped us create that individuality. Today, not only designers use their creativity to create collections, people are also using their creativity to create innovative attires and get attention with their street style.

The need to be different and not looking like anyone else has helped people find different choices and create new styles. Independence, creativiy and innovation, that’s the hottest trend right now.

Flats, the new… heels?

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

 High heels empower women in a way? Well, this quote used to be true before, when this accessory was essential in women's closet and made them feel more elegant, powerful and seductive for hundreds of years, however the person who said this was not thinking about the women of 2017; Elegant in their attitude, powerful by choice and seductive by nature.

The rules imposed on women have been thrown in the trash, because now they have changed the heels for flats. These garment, besides from being a very versatile and useful garment for every activity, is also a garment that allows mobility and day-to-day comfort, maybe women have changed to this garment for all the possibilities that gives them to live their new busy lifestyle.

It is not a secret that heels, although mostly beautiful, are not the most comfortable garment in the market. Many doctors and specialists have spoken about the problems that cause the excessive use of these shoes, so changing to flats, more than a luxury is a necessity that many women have been asking for a long time. Women needed a garment as dynamic as the life they have now, a garment that would be their partner in their quest for identity and independence.

Now women are looking for clothes that allows them to be active and in action all the time, and that sentence that once defined the style of many women: "one must suffer to look beautiful", has been forgotten, now what’s really “in” is comfort. Style icons like Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckam and celebrities like Emily Blunt, Karlie Kloss and Gigi have proven that flats can be worn for a perfect street style or for a very stylish look in red carpets, it simply depends on the attitude of the person.

Every time more designers join the trend of wanting to see women comfortable, more and more designers included flats as their main garment in their collections last season. We saw it in the collections of Rebecca Minkoff, Carolina Herrera, Proenza Schouler and more, where comfortable and stylish shoes along with beautiful gowns caught the attention of the public.

Red carpets are also seeing this change of mind, and in events like Cannes, where women are banned from wearing flats, many of the celebrities who walk the red carpet have decided to be against the rules and this year we saw it with Julia Roberts. When she had a problem with her stilettos, she decided to wear... nothing, that's right, the actress walked the red carpet barefoot! Looking as flawless as the rest of the guests. And actress Emily Blunt has expressed many times her dissaprobal to this rule, saying: "Everyone should wear flats, to be honest. We should not wear high heels, that's very disappointing, just when you think there are these new waves of equality."

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10 year anniversary FWSD was happy to support Vanguard Culture in this year’s Avant-Garde Costume Gala fundraiser for their organization.

Being it is our 10 year anniversary FWSD was happy to support Vanguard Culture in this year's Avant-Garde Costume Gala fundraiser for their organization.
We brought with us 5 talented Designers out of our 21 this year:
FWSD16 Top Designer Territa Torres Designs
Baza Hautecouture
Haus of K2
Carlos Alberto Ramirez

Also on display was incredible makeup under the leads Janette Cruz & Stirling Gill with additional teams from Gila Rut San Diego Salon & Bellus Academy.

Photography by Official FWSD photographer:
656 Photography

Models tagged in their amazing looks.

Note going to lie, we had the most fun taking over our backstage area and having a mini editorial photo shot 😉

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