Model Casting Call… San Francisco, CA

Monday, August 29 5:30-8:30pm
Balancoire 2565 Mission St
Love Without Words Fashion Show
September 4, 2016  Doors open at 1:00pm - 4:00pm PST
San Francisco Institute of Possibility - San Francisco 3359 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, CA 94110
Madeline Stuart will be in San Francisco for a brief visit between fashion weeks and she is organizing a charity fashion for the organization (embraceKulture) she worked with during her time in Uganda.
Her event "Love Without Words" is the first of its kind wordless fashion show, reflecting the communication challenges of children affected by Autism, cultural oppression that has left them voiceless in Uganda, and love's ability to overcome it all. While her career continues to take off, she remains dedicated to using her celebrity to raise awareness of the potential of all children.
Additional details about the fashion show:
Fashion is unique in its ability to express beauty and love in a way that transcend language. "Love Without Words" idolizes this as a unique fashion and wordless experience.
Venue: SF Institute of Possibility
Date: Sunday September 4
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Audience: 180 attendees
Benefiting organization: In Uganda, local language has no word for Autism. Instead they use words like curse, mad or possessed. Children with Autism face an extreme negative stigma that leaves them hidden in their society, locked away in dark rooms. embraceKulture is working to change this and create a world where all children are embraced and accepted.

Model Feature…

Here is the Model of the Month...


Production: Creative Industry Group/Dericka Stenberg

Photography: Nicholas Mark Imagery (NMI)

Model: Tyler Acosta-Jewell

MUA/Grooming/Stylist: Ebboni Johnson

Tyler Tyler


Did you miss our Editor In Chief in Action?…

We are just obsessed with our Editor In Chief Dericka Stenberg's new look. Can you say UrbanHippie?!!! She walks the streets with simplicity with a twist. Jeans, top, blazer no big deal and rocking some sneakers? lol She has recently joined the Unicorn tribe as well as the International fan base this month, as she took over the Red Carpet Events over the BET Weekend. If you missed you in action whether it was on IG or Snapchat then sucks for you! Mrs. Stenberg was trending on IG with Anita Fabiola taking over the red carpet.

Mrs. Stenberg just closed numerous deals for our International Expansion as well as linked up with several celebrities for upcoming TV shows.

Did They look boss or what? Here some BTS pics and don't forget to follow us on IG @Couturepress and our amazing Editor In Chief @derickastenberg and her new client @anitahfabiola.

Studded Shades and Anita's Mask designed by @coutureMask


BET Weekend 2016-9763

Rodney Rikai

BET Weekend 2016

Mrs. Stenberg completely thrown off being interviewed by surprise by Rodney Rikai

BET Weekend 2016-9772 BET Weekend 2016

MR. Stevie J himself pouring our Editor In Chief a Drink

BET Weekend 2016

The one and only Cutie @djfreshkid1

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016

Anita Fabiola Makes Statement at BET AWARDS 2016…


TV Super Star Anita Fabiola hits U.S. soil and makes a statement at the BET Awards 2016. Her Striking beauty has always captured ones eyes but over the weekend she was a showstopper for the U.S. Fabiola stops traffic rocking U.S. designer CoutureMask! CoutureMask is known for his high end glamorous pieces which have been featured in Vogue Arabia, Dark Beauty Magazine, Okay Africa, Glassbook and more.

Fabiola recently signed with Creative Industry Group and her first gigs are several appearances at the Awards Weekend. I can't say that is a bad start! With Fabiola's IG trending this weekend from the fan posts, pics with men in uniform, pics with BET staff, celebrities and more. I just can't wait for what else she has up her sleeves. Welcome to America, Fabiola and What a way to make your presence known! Enjoy some of the pics we captured this weekend of this Beautiful sole!!!

Anita Fabiola Rocking CoutureMask At BET Awards 2016 Don't Forget to follow Anita at @anitahfabiola

BET Weekend 2016-9751

Interview with @RodneyRikai

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016

Appearance at Xen Lounge for RnBrunch red carpet event

BET Weekend 2016

Fabiola takes over the Moreno & Hitman Stevie J booth

BET Weekend

Fabiola with Stevie J

BET Weekend 2016

Fabiola takes a pic with International Teen R&B group M.T.B Mire

BET Weekend

Pics with Fans of Anita Fabiola

BET Weekend Fan Love

BET Weekend Fan Love

BET Weekend 2016

Fashion + Beauty @BETX

BET Weekend

BET Weekend 2016-9710

BET Weekend 2016

Taking over the Stage at Real 92.3 LA's Hip N R&B with DJ MikeMan

BET Weekend 2016Anita's Appearance #stayConnected

BET Weekend 2016

We just love the Fan love Anita has even walked into the building

BET Weekend 2016

BET Weekend 2016Thanks for the Love Los Angeles!!!

NOW CASTING for live event

Now Casting for Red Carpet Host for 7th Annual New Media Film Festival. Casting Host for live Event casting a personable, Lively host that is comfortable with both novice filmmakers and celebrities.  Male Or Female, Paid Work.


When: June 7th

Time: 4:40pm - 7pm

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Please email picture, resume, link, cell. Prefer people with hosting experience.

Email info to:


Now Casting Extras…


Hidden Figures Casting Call

Synopsis: centers around an unsung group of African American female math wizards who helped NASA win the space race. While it’s just rumors at the moment, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Empire’s Taraji P. Henson are expected to lead the cast in the upcoming feature film.



AGE: 25-55


“To the Moon and Back”
1960s ERA

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU’RE ALREADY BOOKED FOR A FITTING. We have other opportunities coming up.


You must be Average size/Slender build
Men: Waist: 38 Smaller
Men: 5’0 TO 6’1
Hair: no dreads no twist/
*****if men are bald…they must be comfortable growing their hair for filming******
Women: no multicolored hair/no weave/wigs/no sew ins

Women: Dress size: 0-14
Hair: no dreads no twist
Fitting is Required…

Fitting Times: 8am to 5PM
(please include your fitting TIME in your email/submissions)
THIS IS A PAID FITTING. Fittings are $9.00 an hour
(FITTINGS)are located In GreshamPark area, SE, Atlanta area..) Exit 62, I-20
Call time: TBD
Pay rate: $72/8




Tammy Smith Casting

“The Originals” (TV)
* VERY ATTRACTIVE Real (Trendy-Type) Couples – willing to Kiss on Camera
* All Ethnicities 20 – 40yrs
* Put “Make Out Couple” in subject line.


Catrett & Associates Casting

“An Untitled Project” (TV)
(Speaking Roles – Higher Pay Rate)
* Men & Women w/Experience doing “Improv” 18yrs and Older
* Include in Submission – Video of your Improv, or list Improv locations you’ve performed
* Put “Male, or Female Improv” in subject line


Extras Casting Atlanta

“Halt & Catch Fire” (TV)
(1980’s period piece)
* All types of 1986 and Older Vehicles
* Men & Women who can recreate that Mid–1980’s Style
* Put “1986/Older car, or 1986 Style” in subject line.


Rose Locke Casting

“OPEN CALL for “BAYWATCH” (in Savannah, Ga.)
(Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron)
* Seeking: Men & Women – All Ethnicities 18yrs & Older
* Wardrobe: Casual Attire, or Favorite Beach Wear
* When: This Saturday (2/27) // 10:00am – 1:00pm
* Where: 42 W. Montgomery Cross Rd., Savannah, GA. 31045
(In the strip center, across from K-Mart. Come anytime during timeframe)


Get Scene Studios

(Local Acting Studio)
* Register for March’s upcoming “Special Offer” @
* Just email: Name, Age, Contact Info to:
* Put “Casting Call” in subject line.


Marion Designs

“Book Cover Models” (Photo Shoot Opportunity)
* In Shape – Latino & Middle Eastern Women 18 – 30yrs
* Send Stats, Contact info, & photos to:


BW Casting

“New DocuSeries” (Paid Opportunity)
* Seeking: Women in Georgia who need help resolving daily conflicts 30 – 45yrs
* Well Known Life Coach will address your conflicts w/family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.
* Please email: Name, Age, Contact Info, and Short description of your Conflict.
* Put “Women of Georgia” in Subject line


Marinella – Hume Casting

“Hidden Figures” (Period Film)
Caucasian & Black Men & Women 18 – 80yrs
* NO Modern Hair Styles, NO Visible Tattoos
* If possible, please submit your pictures dressed in 1950’s, 60’s attire.
* Put “1950’s type, or 1960’s type” in subject line.


Marinella – Hume Casting

“Sleepy Hollow” (TV)
* Men & Women Church Goers (All Ethnicities) 18yrs & Older
* Put “Church” in Subject line


Hylton Casting

“Survivors Remorse” (TV Season 3)
* Seeking Fresh Faces: Men and Women – All Looks & All Ethnicities 18yrs & Older
* To submit, please visit:


Casting TaylorMade

“Stranger Things” (Netflix)
(Starring Winona Ryder – 1980’s Period Piece)
* Men & Women – Experienced Medical personnel – Doctors, Nurses, EMT’s, etc.
* All Ethnicities 21yrs & Older
* Put “Medical Personnel” in Subject line


Casting TaylorMade

“Stranger Things” (Netflix)
(Starring Winona Ryder – 1980’s Period Piece)
* All Types of CLASSIC CARS!! Including Expensive, Foreign and Muscle Cars.
* Put “Classic Car” in Subject line


Welcome to Slab City

Short | Non-Union 
Starts: Apr 16, 2016 
 Filming in: Niland, CA
Submission deadline: March 12, 2016
Rate: Paid
Please submit a headshot, resume and demo reel to be considered for an audition.
Submit to:


LeadMale9 - 12 yrs Caucasian
Oliver is a Caucasian scavenger boy living in the remote desert commune of Slab City (age range 9-12). He wears 3D glasses and loves to draw. When his father returns after years of abandonment, he is reluctant to accept him back into his life. He sees things the audience cannot and for that, he's special and holds a higher purpose in life. He doesn't talk much but when he does, he's a little smart ass.


LeadMale35 - 50 yrs
Average build, Caucasian, Southern or Texan accent
Russ is a rugged, modern cowboy with the ten gallon hat to prove it. Caucasian male (age 35 to 50), country accent (open to either Southern or Texan). Fleeing some bad decisions and sensing his time is up, Russ returns to his home town of Slab City to stay off the grid and hide from the people who are trying to kill him. He rolls his own cigarettes as a habit but doesn't smoke them. Though tense and on edge from the danger, Russ maintains a wit and charm.

Bounty Hunter

SupportingMale55 - 70 yrs Average or Athletic, African American or Native American skills:
Firearms or Whistling
Native American or African American (age range 55-70). The Bounty Hunter doesn't say a single word, expressing his sadistic emotions through actions, facial expressions and his eerie whistle and hum that he partakes in during his kills. He's an old dog contract killer that's been sent on one of his last jobs to take out Russ in the remote hippie commune of Slab City. He's calculated, methodical and won't stop until he can scratch Russ off his kill list and get paid. He's childish in his whistle and keeps things eerily lighthearted and positive.
Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong 
 Synopsis:Tyler Perry’s ‘If Loving You is Wrong’ is created, written, directed and executive produced by Tyler Perry and centers on the relationships of a group of husbands and wives that live and love on the same street. While the neighbors are all from different backgrounds, their lives are really similar. But, secrets, lies and deception threaten to destroy what they have built.

Hot Sexy Club Ladies: This is for ages 20 to a youthful mid 30’s 
Must be very attractive and in good shape to wear club type dresses. You must have dresses or outfits for an Adult Club

Hostesses: Attractive woman who will play hostesses going from table to table and taking orders, Ages early 20’s to 30

CLUB PATRONS: Men and Women at the club, Ages 20 to 40. Open ethnicity

Bartenders: Real experience would be helpful but not required. Men and women ages 20-30

GOONS: Larger men with an intimidating look who are the goons of one of out Characters. Open Ethnicity ages 20’s to 40

Please send 1 headshot and 1 full body shot that are well lit and in focus. We need to see you and only you in the photos with no hats or sun glasses and must be current and look like you do now.

Please submit to the email below and include the following:
1. Legal Name:
2. Phone Number:
3. Email:
4. Age:
5. Height:
6. Weight

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

Commercial casting call for soccer players in Los Angeles, California

Virgo Talent is now casting soccer players for an upcoming commercial filming in Los Angeles, California. Filming will take place between March 16th through March 18th in Los Angeles, California.

To audition for a role on the upcoming commercial, check out the casting call details below:

Hello! Looking for NON UNION SOCCER PLAYERS! Will work days between 3/16 – 3/18, and talent would need to hold for the 21st, in case of weather problems. Shoots in LA. Rate is $175/12.

If you are available for all days and only if you are a GREAT SOCCER PLAYER, please send an email to with SOCCER PLAYER in the subject line, along with a brief description of your skill (if you have a video clip of you playing soccer, that would be great!). THANKS!


10 Cities in 10 Days - Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Hollywood

TV Series | Non-Union | Starts: Mar 19, 2016 
Filming in: Los AngelesCalifornia
Submission: March 17, 2016
Rate: Paid
Submit online or via email

TV co-host (male or female)

Lead18 - 99 yrs
We are looking for a seasoned entertainer in film, music, sports or any related show business activities.

ATTN Models & Actors: Casting calls

Rush call for Stand In 5'9 to 6ft Male/ ages 21-55/ caucasian - NY

Shooting in Gowanus Brooklyn. Please let us know how long it would take you to get there when submitting.



Etruscan Smile - SF, CA

Synopsis- The film is about Rory MacNeil, a tough old Scotsman, travels to San Francisco from the remote island of Vallasay in the outer Hebrides.Colorful, enormously likable, he's stays with his son, daughter in law and grandchild while seeking treatment for a terminal illness. His final days are transformed as he develops a strong bond with his American- born grandson.

SAG role- Background work, Feature Film.

Submission Deadline- TBD

Male, ages 18-60/All ethnicities.

Drummers on the street (must be able to drum well).  MUST BE ABLE TO DRUM ON BUCKETS. Please specify in "Notes email" section if you have your own drum and what kind. Also, if you are comfortable drumming on plastic buckets. $ bump for use of your drum (but not guaranteed). Rate: SAG background $157/8 hours; non-union $12.25/hr


Gala Wait Staff (Background work)- Male or female/ ages 25-45/All ethnicities.

Must be comfortable with trays of food, etc.Actual serving experience a plus. Please indicate in email if you have experience. Rate: SAG background $157/8 hrs; non- union $12.25/hr


Patients at Hospital (background work)- Male or female/ ages 18-75/ all ethnicities. rate: SAG background $157/8hrs


Admin staff at hospital (Background work)- Male or female/ ages 25-65/ All ethnicities. Rate: SAG background $157/8hrs



Madam Secretary- Theatre work- RUSH CALL FITTING- NY

Extra work- Male/ ages 20-50/ African American

synopsis:  RUSH CALL FITTING: union African American Male ok with Military Cut & clean- Shaven to play Cast-to-fir Nigerian Military to Long Island City ASAP (shoots 3/1). Please note: Height. weight, top (M/L/XL/XXL) & waist sizes. Please also note how soon you can be at Long Island city Queens. Paid work.


Hidden Figures

Feature Film | SAG-AFTRA | Starts: Feb 1, 2016 | location: AtlantaGeorgia.
A team of African-American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.
Submission Deadline: March 10.
*** SUBMIT DIRECT TO: / SUBJECT: RUSSIAN MALE or WORKING WOMEN *** ---- Please include 3 photos of yourself (1 headshot, 1 medium length, 1 full body). The Director will be making his selection based off of your photos, so make sure they are well lit, in focus, and accurately capture your look. Google pictures of the 1960’s for ideas. Please also include include the following: 1. Legal Name, 2. Phone Number, 3. Email, 4. Age, 5. Height, 6. Weight, 7. Hair Color, 8. Shirt/Coat Size, 9. Pant (Waist & Leg) Size, 10. Shoe Size, 11. Current City and Distance to ATL --- Filming mid-March


FeaturedFemale20 - 40 yrs
We are currently accepting submissions for FEMALES OF ALL ETHNICITIES in their mid 20’s to late 40’s, who have accounting experience or experience with a 10-Key calculator. You should have natural hair, no braids, no twists, multicolored hair!! Some of you MAY be selected for recurring roles!! You should have total and full open availability beginning in March through the end of May. We will get an idea of work dates soon. IF YOU ARE SELECTED, YOU WILL NEED TO BE FITTED FOR WARDROBE AND WILL LIKELY HAVE TO GET A HAIRCUT!! WE WILL BEGIN SCHEDULING WARDROBE FITTINGS NEXT WEEK!! RATE: PAID.


Extra/BackgroundMale30 - 60 yrs
We are currently accepting submissions for CAUCASIAN MALES in their early 30’s to late 60’s, between 5’5 and 6’1 tall, who are or appear as if they are of authentic Russian descent. We are looking for Soviet scientists and military personnel. IF YOU ARE SELECTED, YOU WILL NEED TO BE FITTED FOR WARDROBE AND WILL LIKELY HAVE TO SHAVE AND GET A HAIRCUT!! WE WILL BEGIN SCHEDULING WARDROBE FITTINGS NEXT WEEK!! Rate: PAID.

 Transformers (Paramount)

Feature Film | SAG-AFTRA | Starts: Mar 1, 2016 | location: DetroitMichigan
Submission Deadline: March 31.
Paid Work.
Interested actors can submit their resumes and headshots to: Denise Chamian / “Transformers 5” / 606 N. Larchmont Blvd. Suite 202 / Los Angeles, CA 90004

Supporting, Featured, & Stand-Ins

Casting directors are now setting up auditions for new lead and supporting roles. Extras, stand-ins and photo doubles will be cast closer to the start of production this summer. **Note: All talent are required to be legally eligible to work in London, England and also in Detroit, Michigan. Staring and supporting roles are mainly being cast through talent agents in Los Angeles and London. Actors who are not signed with an agent are still encouraged to submit their resumes.


Feature Film | Non-Union | Starts: Oct 15, 2016 | location: MilwaukeeWisconsin.
Submission Deadline: April 30.
Paid Work.

Ruby role

LeadFemale25 - 35 yrs/ African American
Whoever she needs to be at that moment, often stuck playing the role of the stable leader of her family, she can also slip into moments of fragility, of anger, of calculation. These shifts leave her unsure of her true self. (Must be able to play 17-30s for flashbacks.)

Aunt Bobbie role

SupportingFemale60 - 68 yrs/ caucasian
Nosy, quick witted, snippy, know it all. Bobbie loves her family but only if they are behaving how she thinks they should behave.

Kris role

SupportingMale30 - 35 yrs , Caucasian
Ex-military, injured, intense, frightened, prone to outbursts. Has always had a chip on his shoulder and these feelings have only grown with his injury. The only person he felt safe with was his wife and as he feels that slipping away he is pushed over the edge. (Must be able to play 20-30s for flashbacks.)

Mail Man role

Day PlayerMale45 - 65 yrs/ caucasian
Passive agressively hides behind the act of a jovial postman, hard to read, aggressively mid-western.

Post Master role

Day PlayerMale60 - 68 yrs/ caucasian
Tired, professional, patronizing with a spark of compassion, ex-military, polite, avoids other people’s business.


Feature Film | Non-Union | Starts: Jul 3, 2016 | location:Trenton & GTA, OntarioCanada
Paid Work Union Rates
Submission deadline: Feb. 29th.
Synopsis:: Goliath is a drama, mystery film about Robin Walker who returns home for her father's funeral and is forced to face the town she ran away from along with the damaged family she left behind. Tensions run high when an estranged relative turns up and an old family secret is brought back to the surface, opening old wounds. PAID UNION RATES. This is a Toronto independent feature film created through partnership with the RCDS to be shot mostly in Trenton, Ontario. Meals and transportation will be provided on all shoot dates. We will accept both ACTRA and non-ACTRA actors. Producers: Luke Villemaire & Maddy Pilon Writer & Director: Luke Villemaire Casting Director: Michael Marino
**Submission details: Please apply to Michael through our email where you can also reach us for comment. *Note this is the first round of casting calls and more are to follow for other roles. Head shots and demo reels are preferred.

Robin Walker

LeadFemale18 - 30 yrs
Robin is a bright and ambitious young woman who has found herself feeling run down and overwhelmed, especially being the eldest child of her dysfunctional family. Thorough with her goals, she’s good at her job even though it struggles to show. Returning to her hometown has left her dazed as she tries to rekindle old relationships, some good and some bad.

Ellie Walker

SupportingFemale40 - 60 yrs
Robin’s aunt, she’s been estranged from the family for a long time due to having a difficult relationship with Robin’s mother as her sister-in-law. Personable, she tries to give off the “cool aunt” persona and do everything she can to please everyone although she has a tendency to make the situation worse.

Garret Walker

SupportingMale18 - 30 yrs
Robin’s younger brother, Garret is a charming young man who feels as estranged from his family as Robin does. Openly gay, he never received his late father’s approval and felt treated as an outcast. Quick thinking, he tends to try and use humor to mask underlying tension but he can occasionally also test Robin’s nerves.


SupportingMale18 - 30 yrs
Garret’s boyfriend, Parker appears to be the most calm and collected amongst all of the family members. He tends to be a pillar for some of them, including Robin, to occasionally lean on. Smart and laid-back, he has found himself in a difficult position amongst a damaged family.

Violet Walker

SupportingFemale18 - 30 yrs
The wild child of the family, Violet is Robin’s younger sister. The most distant of them all, she would rather stay away from her father’s funeral and not deal with the drama. She used to have a great relationship with Robin as a child but it has severely fallen apart over the years. Fired from her previous job, she now works at a strip joint in order to make ends meet.

The Nullarbor

Feature Film | Non-Union | Starts: Sep 5, 2016 | Filming in: MelbourneAustralia
AUDITION LOCATION: MelbourneAustralia 
We are currently taking interests for this role. MUST PROVIDE: - An up to date showreel - Up to date headshots - A link to your IMDb page - Agency Details (Only if you have an agent. If not this does not apply to you) - Your availability between August and December 2016 Please email Matt Poidevin Pictures [AU] on

 Female Roles: multiple roles

SupportingFemale25 - 50 yrs
We are currently taking interests for this role. ENGLISH SPEAKING ONLY. AUSTRALIAN TALENT ONLY MUST PROVIDE: - An up to date showreel - Up to date headshots - A link to your IMDb page - Agency Details (Only if you have an agent. If not this does not apply to you) - Your availability between August and December 2016

Male Roles: multiple roles

SupportingMale25 - 50 yrs
We are currently taking interests for this role. ENGLISH SPEAKING ONLY. AUSTRALIAN TALENT ONLY. MUST PROVIDE: - An up to date showreel - Up to date headshots - A link to your IMDb page - Agency Details (Only if you have an agent. If not this does not apply to you) - Your availability between August and December 2016

Chinese Fisherman

Day PlayerMale35 - 50 yrs
We are currently taking interests for this role. AUSTRALIAN TALENT ONLY. MUST PROVIDE: - An up to date showreel - Up to date Head shots - A link to your IMDb page - Agency Details (Only if you have an agent. If not this does not apply to you) - Your availability between August and December 2016
 Requirement: Speak Chinese

model Casting Call

Female models
location: Los Angeles, CA
Paid: $200.00

Casting "Cattiva", a music video for the new song by Italian pop artist Federico Giova.

Shooting this March in L.A.

His single "Summer" peaked at No. 2 for four weeks the italian charts and had the preview on GQ Italy.

This is a great opportunity to be part of a music video which will be featured on major European music TV stations and will also featured by radio stations across Europe.

submit to:




NJCtv Looking for Season Four Host

TV Series | Non-Union |  Filming & Audition in: NashvilleTennesseeUnited States
 Starts: Mar 31, 2017
Age: 21-35
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Mar 26, 2016  THIS PROJECT IS:Paid. negotiableSPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:Submit at least 2 of the following to : an updated EPK, video reel, bio, and/or images!
Nashville based television program is looking for a new host for their 4th season Nashville-Davidson, United States, February 24,2016/ -- Not Just Country has been in production for over ten years. Ten years of spotlighting independent bands, artists and musicians from the Middle Tennessee area. Ten years of featuring musical greats and bringing attention to the independent music scene in a city known for its musical and creative roots. With the ten year anniversary approaching, the producers of Not Just Country have embarked on a rebranding journey looking to showcase Nashville as the creative and musical hub that it truly is. Donning a new logo, optimized website and an abbreviated name, NJCtv is now looking for a new face for the brand. The Nashville based production is looking for a new host for their Season 4 shows, interviews and press circuit! For any questions or inquiries, please contact Contrecia Tharpe at


We are looking for an individual with entertainment industry experience, preferably music. But most importantly, we want someone who is engaging, able to conduct live interviews, able to host 7 live shows and in studio interviews, have a presence on social media, embodies the NJCtv culture (basically, a creative enthusiast) and is fun and outgoing! Is that you (or one of your friends)?!?!?! If so, submit at least 2 of the following to : an updated EPK, video reel, bio, and/or images!

TV series Pilot and season 1 (total 12-13 episodes) Large distribution attached 

Starts: May 1, 2016 
Filming: LondonUnited Kingdom
Paid roles
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:Please only actors who are experienced and have a show reel. We will need you to attach a showreel on here or send it to the casting director on our general email address. .

"Pop Star"

LeadFemale20 - 28 yrs5'1" - 5'7" requirements: Slim and Caucasian


LeadMale30 - 36 yrs5'11" - 6'1" athletic build, caucasian

Ari Grey

LeadFemale18 - 21 yrs5'8" - 5'10" slim build, caucasian

Izzy Grey

LeadFemale25 - 32 yrs5'5" - 5'9" slim build, caucasian


LeadMale28 - 35 yrs5'9" - 6'2" slim & caucasian

Long Lost Love

SupportingMale34 - 38 yrs6'0" - 6'2" Athletic build, African American

You Can't Sit With Us

TV Series 
Starts: Jan 1, 2017 
Filming in: Los AngelesCaliforniaUnited States
JUN 22, 2016 4:00PM to 6:00PMJUN 23, 2016 4:00PM to 6:00PMJUN 24, 2016 4:00PM to 6:00PM
777 West Convention Way
Anaheim California92802
United States
Paid. $50-$200 per day of filming (subject to change, inquire)
The Audition will be held in the Hilton Anaheim, adjacent to the Anheim convention center ONLY on the dates above, casting decisions will be made on sight The meeting place is exclusive, so please RSVP ahead of time using the contact below to ensure we are able to get you in. Please include The role(s) you'd like to read for, a head shot, resume (if applicable), your age and any additional information you think is necessary. Bring these things to the audition as well. If for some reason we are unable to accommodate you, you will still get to audition elsewhere at a later date or electronically through submitted materials. Use ( if you are having trouble finding the meeting place.


Prepare for drama, partying, red carpets and even more drama: YCSWU follows the ever extravagant and oh so made up lives of a group of young socialites as they traverse the path towards fame, fortune and fun. You Can't Sit With Us, styled as "YCSWU," is a mockumentary style, spoof reality series: a parody of trash tv, celebrities and popular culture filled with loads of comedy and enough drama to make you wish is wasn't as great as it is.

Andrea Tyler

LeadFemale17 - 23 yrs
Early 20’s, fashionable, controlling perfectionist, complainer; the slightest things agitate her, typically very aloof, only present when it involves her, her interests, her sister or her work, sort of selfish, hardworking, fashion journalist turned blogger,

Declan Bass

LeadMale20 - 26 yrs
mid 20’s, hardworking, quirky, gay, mildly flamboyant, forever present though not a spotlight hog; he’s aware of his fame yet remains humble, loved and admired by most, a personality

Eric Stone

LeadMale17 - 22 yrs
20, bad boy, loud, sort of obnoxious but not annoying, fun to be around, very loveable, tall dark and handsome, every bit as cool as he thinks he is, subdued cocky attitude, all black everything, critically acclaimed actor.

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stone

LeadFemale17 - 20 yrs
20, a bad girl with a “fuck everything” attitude and a mean streak: snarky and sarcastic, acclaimed actress; a starlet acting out

Jennifer "Jen" Tyler

LeadFemale15 - 20 yrs
Late teen’s, fashionable, hyper, very exuberant; intrigued and excited by the smallest of happenings, not afraid to express her emotions, not so bright, very kind and compassionate, fashion blogger

Lilith Montgomery

LeadFemale15 - 20 yrs African American or mixed
late teens, a pinnacle of innocence; the epitome of all things good, a humble and talented actress, usually reserved but very opinionated and expressive when need be, caring and compassionate.

Palmer Woodes

LeadMale20 - 25 yrs
early 20’s, laid back, ‘cool mysterious type, quiet and reserved, observant, silently confident, surprisingly intelligent, acclaimed singer songwriter, gay

Sebastian Wells

LeadMale16 - 20 yrs
late teen’s, socialite, sassy, "apparently' homosexual, loud, opinionated, fiercely loyal, fashionable, star of reality series “Wells Wells Wells” a show about his family. Best friend to Eric, Munro, and Zach.

William William

Lead17 - 22 yrs
20, a flamboyant and androgynous but (possibly) heterosexual singer/song writer and self-proclaimed "Diva of the Whole Entire Universe". He’s cocky and rightfully so. Best friend of Zach and Munro: the three are collectively known as the “Heathers.”

Zachary "Zach" Wilde

LeadMale18 - 25 yrs
early 20’s, fashionable, passionate and aggressive in his opinions; always believes himself to be correct, inherently loyal and genuine, designer, filmmaker,

Forever Veranda

Short Film  Non-Union 
Starts: May 27, 2016 
Filming in: ChicagoIllinoisUnited States
SUBMISSION DEADLINE:Mar 6, 2016AUDITION LOCATION:ChicagoIllinoisUnited States THIS PROJECT IS:Paid. NegotiableSPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS FILM, THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED: 1. Submit your headshots and resumes to 2. In the “subject” area of the email, please include the title of the film along with the role you’re submitting for. 3. Actors/Actresses located in Illinois are preferred. Once we receive your email, the script and story information of the project will be sent to you to be utilized for your video audition. The locations that this project will be filmed at will be within the Chicago and suburban areas. Production for this project is tentatively scheduled for June 2016.
Synopsis: Jared and Beth meet one day in their favorite place. They bond closely over coffee and spend a great deal of time together. Before long, their attachment grows into an insatiable love. Though things seem perfect at the surface, Beth is not what she seems. In fear of losing Jared, she keeps her secret hidden from him. When she discovers a way to keep Jared to herself, she uncovers who she really is. While their past is certain, their future is unknown. Beth has them trapped in a time and place neither can explain, and their unlikely rescue grows more desolate by the day.


LeadMale25 - 30 yrs, PHYSIQUE: Slim or Average MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Guitar or Piano
Jared is an average middle-aged man who’s been known for his hard work and determination in the work place. He works in the marketing offices for one of the cities biggest entertainment magazines. While working a creative job, Jared truly would rather be known for his personal artwork. When there’s time, Jared enjoys drawing and creating different types of artwork like sketches and paintings. He also enjoys writing music as well. Due to needing as much energy to maneuver through his every day life, Jared loves drinking veranda blonde roast.


SupportingFemale25 - 30 yrs PHYSIQUE: Average or Athletic: ETHNIC APPEARANCE: Caucasian or Mixed HAIR LENGTH: Shoulder Length or Long HAIR COLOR: Blonde
Beth is a natural beauty with golden locks and a body style that varies between an average to athletic physique. Most times she’s seen in business attire, as she appears to work around the clock. Being a busy body, Beth is known in the work place to always being involved with work related tasks. Not many really take the time to get to know Beth, as she’s a secretary that is doing all the higher ups tedious paperwork. Keeping a low profile and doing her best to please others, Beth lacks much social life. But what most don’t realize is that there’s much more to Beth than they know.

Model Casting- San Diego, CA

music Video casting 1 Asian Model
height: 5'5 - 5'9
Size: 0-2
1 day shoot
Rate: $300.00/day



Casting call for music videos and more.. Chicago Fire, Music Videos, feature films and more.

Submit casting calls to: unless posting states otherwise. Please note these are casting calls submitted to our network and we are not directly affiliated with production. Please make sure when submitting to the casting directors you include in the subject line the role you are submitting to. These are professionals and you want all email correspondence to be professional as possible.

We hope one of you can land a role and more casting calls to come! Please keep in mind this will be a closed page and for VIP Subscribers ONLY as of March 1st (Email will be sent out soon on our VIP subscribers later this week.)

Enjoy!! Land a Role from Couture Press!!!


untitled Artist Music Video: RUSH CALL- Los Angeles

non-union role

Rate: $500/12 + 20% agency fee

Hot Blonde Females with Curves/ female/ caucasian/ ages 18-30

Looking for beautiful blonde females with curves. Slim top with a fuller bottom. Should be able to drive. Should have very similar sizes to the following:

Height: 5'10''

Wight: 140lbs

Waist: 25

Bra: 34B

Hips: sizes 6-8 in pant size

Shoe: 11

Shirt Size: small

wardrobe: sexy, black fitted attire

SUBMIT TO SKCASTINGCALLS@GMAIL.COM with images include CURRENT selfie shot, BEST contact information.


The Hampton Real Estate Development Video- SF, CA

Non Union Role

Rate: $200.00/day

Role: The Bicyclist/ female/ All Ethnicities/ Ages 26-36

Cut off Date for Role: 2/29/2016

Must be in shape, active bicyclist rides through the cleanly and bright neighborhoods of Cupertino. She lives with her husband in a residence with view.

The Residents: Supporting role/ Male or female/ all ethnicities/ ages 20-80

The many colorful residents of the Hampton's enjoy walking through the Promenade. Some are on bikes, other lie on the grass to relax or read. Others tan by the pool, get their bikes repaired, or grab a drink at The Hub. They are eclectic mix of people who reflect the diversity of Cupertino.

Rate: $100/day

The Coffee Patron (S) / male/ all ethnicities/ 26-36

A pair of people sit down for a morning meeting at a coffee shop inside The Hub at THE Hampton's. They are not necessarily residents, but that doesn't matter. The Hampton's melds into the Cupertino community.

Rate: $100/day


City of Riverside Lifestyle Photo Shoot: Los Angeles, Ca

Non-union role

Rate: $50.00/hr (4 hour shoot)

Submit by: 3/31/2016

Synopsis: Looking for a man and woman who are ethnically ambiguous with nice smiles. Will be shooting theme like active couples in park, shopping downtown, having coffee etc.

Role: Lifestyle Woman/ Female / Ethnically Ambiguous / 25-35
Attractive, fit woman at least 5 foot 7 or taller, who is ethnically ambiguous (if possible) with a nice smile.
WardrobeNice jeans and a few tops for variety. Will also need athletic wear for active park scene.

LIFESTYLE MAN / Male / Ethnically Ambiguous / 25-35
Attractive, fit man under 6 feet tall, who is ethnically ambiguous (if possible) with a nice smile.
Wardrobe: Bring nice jeans and a two different collared shirts. Also bring athletic wear like shorts, sneakers and a shirt (not a wife beater).
Rate: 50/hour




USAGE & RATE: 1 year, internet only Pay: $400.00/day + 10%

PATRICE /"Post Prom Party"" /  Female / All Ethnicities / 18-22
Down-to-earth, every girl type. Sweet, slightly nerdy, maybe wears glasses. Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) type. Dressed like "fly honeys" with Kelly in Ben and Kurt's rap song. No lines. Please note comedy experience. No visible acne. Must be legal 18+ to play younger.
Wardrobe: Cute, nice casual, like you're going to a dance or a party. Wholesome, nothing risque.

DAUGHTER /"Parent in a Box" 1 & 2" /  Female / All Ethnicities / 18-22
Average, girl next door type. Not too dorky. Seeking good actors with strong comedy chops - please note comedy experience. No visible acne. Must be legal 18+ to play younger.
Wardrobe: Casual, wholesome
Rate: $400/day + 10%

KELLY / Non-Union / ""Post Prom Party"" /  Female / All Ethnicities / 18-22
Sidekick friend to Patrice. Nerdy, quirky, sweet, maybe wears glasses.Young Mindy Kaling or Tina from Bob's Burgers personified. She's the DJ on stage for Ben and Kurt's rap song, scratching a phone with her hand like a turntable. No lines. Please note comedy experience. No visible acne. Must be legal 18+ to play younger.
Wardrobe: Cute, nice casual, like you're going to a dance or a party. Wholesome, nothing risque. Bring headphones like you're a DJ if possible.
Rate: $400/day + 10%

KRIS / Non-Union / ""Post Prom Party"" / Female / All Ethnicities / 18-22
She sings in Ben and Kurt's rap song about prom. Young America Ferrera (Ugly Betty - doesn't need to be that dorky though). She's energetic and fun. Dressed like a "fly honey" in the rap song with Patrice. Seeking strong actors great with copy and comedy chops - please note comedy experience. Seeking good singers - please note singing experience. No visible acne. Must be legal 18+ to play younger.
Wardrobe: Cute, nice casual, like you're going to a dance or a party. Wholesome, nothing risque.
Rate: $400/day + 10%



SAGE role

Rate: SAG industrial Co- Ed, but $850/day.

submission Deadline: 2/25/2016

Daughter: Female/ age 13-17/ Caucasian

Adorable teenage daughter who is likable, but with plenty of spunk. Think Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis...

Wardrobe: Casual.

dad/SAG-AFRTA/ Microsoft/ male/ ages 40-48/ caucasian

A loving father with terrific comedy chops. Think John C. Reilly, Paul Rudd, Louis Ck...

Wardrobe: Casual.


Fresh Empire  -LA


Rate: $2,000

Shoot dates: 2/15, 2/16, 2/17

Lead female dancer: Female/18-23/ ethnically ambiguous, hispanic, mixed, etc. Lead girl-Latin, urban, dancer feel. must feel real and comfortable in environment of an urban dance studio.

pay: $2,000, 2 days 1k/ per day

Dancers: Background: Female/ 18-25/ African-American, Ethnically ambiguous, hispanic, mixed, pac_islander, Multi-ethnic.Dancers, Group of girlfriends hanging out. Urban, comfortable in a Latin/urban dance studio feeling.

pay: $450.00

Featured Extras Dance Studio Dancers: Male or female/ 16-25/ african american, caucasian, ethnically ambiguous, hispanic, mixed, pac_ islander./ Featured extras at an urban/latin dance studio. Comfortable in this world, genuine. Dancers.

Pay: $300.00



Female Host for new gaming/gambling show -LA

Non union role

Rate: $150/day

Female card Shark/ female/ ages 21-40/ all ethnicities

looking for an attractive female host to ready copy and film a sizzle for a new up and coming gambling show. Host must have experience with both hosting and gambling. must have a strong understanding of gaming and gambling. *Please note your experience*

Submit to:


Confidential Beer Social Media -NY

non- union role

Male1/ caucasian/ age 25-34

*Must legally Be over the age of 25. Proof will be requested.*

Attractive and hip. May be shown drinking beer, so no allergies that would prevent that. Stills only. Must be available 2/25. Casting for Headshot/resume. Please Note that you are legally 25 or older.

Rate: $200.00 for up to 8 hour shoot and usage.

Female 2: female/ caucasian/ age 25-34

*Must legally be over the age of 25. Proof will be requested.* Attractive and hip May be shown drinking beer, so no allergies that would prevent that. Still only. Must be available 2/25. Casing from headshot/resume. Please note that you are legally 25 or older.

Rate: $200.00 for up to 8 hour shoot and usage.


Limelight -NY

This is the first single for new album being released by TOMLAB records. Description: Two strangers connect one night in New York.

Web release

Aleksander/ male/ all ethnicities/ 23-29 he story follows Vera and Aleksander as they move through the city at night. They continue to cross paths one night, but never connecting, they are like ships passing in the night. References: "Chungking Express" meets "Lovers on the Bridge."

This is a choreographed piece, only actors with dance experience should apply.

Rate: $750.00 for two days.

VERA /  Female / Asian / 23-29
The story follows Vera and Aleksander as they move through the city at night. They continue to cross paths one night, but never connecting, they are like ships passing in the night. References: "Chungking Express" meets "Lovers on the Bridge."

This is a choreographed piece, only actors with dance experience should apply.
Rate: $750 total for 2 days


Lifetime's The Balancing Act Casting- FL

TV Series | Non-Union 
Submission Deadline: March 4, 2016
We are currently recasting a host for our show The Balancing Act. This is a NATIONAL Show that airs DAILY on Lifetime Television. We are looking to have a casting March 7-9. We shoot anywhere from 5-12 times a month. Please click the link below to our show to see more about it.
Skills: must have Host, improv skills.
 Contact: Jenna Ulbrich

Corryville - Seeking Cast & Crew

Feature Film | SAG-AFTRA role  | Starts: Jun 13, 2016 |CodyWyoming.
Wyoming Territory, 1887. Ethan Darny and his young cousin Ben Tyler are eking out a marginal existence as ranch hands when they find themselves involved in a violent bank hold-up. The robbery goes wrong and two of the casualties are the town sheriff and deputy. Wounded and frightened, Ethan, Ben and Will Sully start off for the lawless town of Corryville to escape capture and to formulate a plan for their unsure futures. Moses White and Wade Loveless, two of the toughest and most determined U.S. Marshals, pursue them across the Wyoming territory and are nearing Corryville. Corryville is the sequel to A Dead Husband in a Western Town.


SupportingMale Accepting all ages and ethnicities. Woman; SupportingFemale Accepting all ages and ethnicities.
Submission Details: 

Garnet Films is accepting online submissions for the upcoming western Corryville shooting in June of 2016. Corryville is the followup sequel to A Dead Husband in a Western Town. All ages, races accepted. Please forward your headshot, reel and resume to:

Return To Salem's Cove - North Carolina

Feature Film | Non-Union role | Starts: May 29, 2015 
Submission Deadline: Feb. 26th
rate: paid Differed.
Synopsis: Evil returns to Salem's Cove. It's up to the sheriff and his closest allies to save not only the town but the world from an evil force that hasn't been heard from since The Salem's Witch Trials Ended. Unexplained evil acts have been happening since Salem's Cove was founded on the coast of North Carolina after the Salem Witch Trials. Paranormal activities has always been stopped and hidden from the general public by a secret order of defenders. The defenders greatest fears are about to be unleashed, not only to the people of Salem's Cove but to the rest of the world. Sheriff Ethan Grey and Lt. Gibbs must enlist help and reveal the truth about the towns best kept secret before it's too late. Written by Ethan Scott Grey.


LeadFemale25 - 35 yrs5'9" - 6'0"
Caucasian, Slim or athletic, Blue or green eyes, Shoulder length or long hair, blonde or brown hair.
5'9 to 6ft, swimsuit model type, dark long hair, brown eyes, medium breast. Girlfriend of Matt Hollie who is really using him to help bring evil back to Salem's Cove. Unbeknownst to Matt, she is an evil witch who has been around for hundreds of years but appears to be 25-30 years old. She is a siren who can control men to get what she wants. Requires nudity and simulated sex scenes.

Matt Hollie

LeadMale21 - 31 yrs5'9" - 6'3" Athletic, caucasian, eyes: blue, brown, green or hazel,  blonde Hair.
Blonde surfer type, 5'9 to 6'3ft tall, blue eyes, muscular build, able to play a bi-sexual character. Viewed by many as a privateer (opportunitst), not trusted by many, he views himself as honest and caring, but in reality the only person he cares about is himself. He is knowledgeable about ancient artifacts and mythology, responsible for bringing the ultimate evil to Salem's Cove in an attempt to clear his name as he tries to assist the sheriff's department in the recovery of a stolen artifact. Requires nudity and brief sex scene with both male and female characters.

Brother Rob

SupportingMale30 - 38 yrs5'8" - 5'10" slim or athletic, african american, eyes brown, hair black.
A crazed street preacher, he constantly reminds the citizens of Salem's Cove how they are going to hell for their acceptance of homosexuality and other "wicked deeds", must have a loud, strong voice.

Dillard Tanner

SupportingMale50 - 65 yrs5'8" - 6'0" slim or athletic, caucasian, eyes: any, Hair grey, salt pepper or silver.
Slender in-shape older gentleman, Donald Trump type attitude, 5'8 to 6ft, short gray hair, executive look. Has a death scene. Underhanded businessman, non-nude. Sides are included below in a PDF. If you submit for this roll, please film a video audition and submit.


SupportingFemale25 - 35 yrs5'7" - 5'9" athletic build, caucasian, eyes blue or green, hair.
5'7 to 5'9, medium to large cup size, dark blonde, long hair, swimsuit model type, blue or green eyes. She is the sheriff's girlfriend, panics easily, has a death scene, requires brief nudity.


SupportingFemale24 - 30 yrs5'7" - 5'9" Slim or athletic, caucasian,
Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, 5'7 to 5'9 tall, swimsuit model type, medium to large breast size, Alyssa Milano type. Museum curator who accidentally unleashes an evil force. Requires nudity. Has death scene.


SupportingMale25 - 33 yrs5'9" - 6'1"
5'9 to 6'1, blonde hair, blue or green eyes, slim build. Mischievous boyfriend of a young museum curator, requires nudity, brief sex scene and death scene. Sides are included below in a PDF. If you submit for this roll, please film a video audition and submit.

OUT FOR VENGEANCE (Action/thriller with Tong Po from "Kickboxer" movies with JCVD).

Feature Film | Non-Union | Starts: Mar 15, 2016 | location:AmsterdamNetherlands
Submission deadline: Feb.26th.
rate:  Paid. 2% of net profits from release through largest VoD (Video on Demand) outlets in perpetuity. Including 2% from net profits if secured Outright Sale to distributor and theatrical release worldwide.
Casting last roles for action/thriller Out for Vengeance (2016). This feature has been funded for 70% by my company and 30% by my co-producers. Each role attached requires a 3000 euro investment, contractually giving you 2% equity of this films revenues through major Video on Demand outlets on a quarterly basis in perpetuity (as long as the film is screening) and immediately from outright sale distribution, which will be utilized to close production budget. You get credits as Actor and co-producer. Shooting takes place in March 2016 across Netherlands. ONLY E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS CONSIDERED seriously. Your apartment and also transportation from Schiphol airport and to film set daily during stay is covered by production. International actors take care of your own flight ticket. This is a your chance to star with action movie legends. You can request script and contract by e-mail: Regards Salar Zarza (Executive Producer/Director)


SupportingMale34 - 45 yrs, average or athletic build, african american, caucasian, Eastern European, Mediterranean.
FRANCO a lieutenant war hero sent to this rescue mission together with lead Alan and others for his effective anti-terrorist operations, skills and experience in guerilla tactics to free an Ambassador and VIP's from terrorist captivity. TAKE NOTICE: This role is offered to matching Co-producer/Actor who will invest in a unit of € 3K Euro upon signing a Profitshare agreement with True Spirit Entertainment. Subsequently, you get an Actor and Co-producer credit as well. This guarantees receiving 2% from all net profits through distribution deals from both Video on Demand outlets worldwide (in perpetuity) but also you receive a 2% with securing Outright Sale. I AM NOT LOOKING AT SUBMISSIONS ONLINE, ONLY E-MAIL when you are interested in the script and role. Contact: subjectline "FRANCO - OUT FOR VENGEANCE". Thank you.


SupportingMale33 - 42 yrs, slim average or athletic build, African-American or caucasian, must know Stunts, martial arts, or firearms.
JACKSON, a remarkable sniper, also served abroad together with Alan on a dangerous rescue mission. JACKSON is a specialised sniper, having took down countless terrorists, helping Alan throughout this action/thriller storyline. TAKE NOTICE: This role is offered to matching Co-producer/Actor who will invest in a unit of € 3K Euro upon signing a Profitshare agreement with True Spirit Entertainment. Subsequently, you get an Actor and Co-producer credit as well. This guarantees receiving 2% from all net profits through distribution deals from Video on Demand outlets worldwide (revenue is in perpetuity) and in addition you get 2% of secured Outright Sale. I AM NOT LOOKING AT SUBMISSIONS ONLINE, ONLY E-MAIL when you are interested in the script and role. Direct contact: and subject line "JACKSON - OUT FOR VENGEANCE". Thank you.


ROMAN (SON OF CARTEL BOSS VIKTOR ROMANOV) ROMAN, handsome rich son of Russian cartel boss. ROMAN loves sex, cars & party. Trendy, well dressed and good-looking, often surrounded by women but paranoid. Finally Roman gets enforced in a big shoot out, and getting killed by SCARF's assassin Andrei. TAKE NOTICE: This role is offered to matching Co-producer/Actor who will invest in a unit of € 3K Euro upon sign. This guarantees receiving 2% from all net profits through distribution deals from both Video on Demand outlets worldwide (in perpetuity) also you receive 2% from securing Outright Sale. I AM NOT LOOKING AT SUBMISSIONS ONLINE, ONLY E-MAIL when you are interested in the script and role.


SupportingMale39 - 48 yrs
VIKTOR ROMANOV, powerful Russian cartel leader, producing & distributing narcotics from The Netherlands. Gangsterboss VIKTOR is gets powerful, his influence & power does not grow unnoticed. Now crossing into borders of SCARF's territory, made him rivals with SCARF's cartel now becoming enemies. TAKE NOTICE: This role is offered to matching Co-producer/Actor who will invest in a unit of € 3K Euro and signing Profitshare agreement with True Spirit Entertainment. Subsequently, you get an Actor and Co-producer credit as well. This guarantees receiving 2% from all net profits through distribution deals from both Video on Demand outlets worldwide (in perpetuity) but also you receive a 2% by securing Outright Sale. I AM NOT LOOKING AT SUBMISSIONS ONLINE, ONLY E-MAIL when you are interested in the script and role.

Mr. Robot

TV Series | SAG-AFTRA | Starts: Feb 1, 2016 | location:  New York CityNew York
submission deadline: March 2
Rate: Paid.
*** SUBMIT DIRECTLY TO: / SUBJECT: TWINS *** --- Please include the name of parent/guardian, name of your twin babies, phone #, date of birth of your twins, photos of your twin babies, and confirm your twins have general open availability from March – mid July
 Mr. Robot follows Elliot Alderson, a young man living in New York City, who works at the cybersecurity company Allsafe as a security engineer. Alderson suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. He connects with people by hacking them, which often leads him to act as a cyber-vigilante.He is recruited by a mysterious insurrectionary anarchist known as “Mr. Robot”, and joins his team of hacktivists known as “fsociety”. One of their missions is to cancel all debts by taking down one of the largest corporations in the world, E Corp (known as “Evil Corp” by Elliot), which also happens to be Allsafe’s biggest client.


Seeking Caucasian twin babies 1-4 months old to portray featured baby .

The Return Of The Panther

Feature Film | Non-Union | Starts: Mar 21, 2016 | location: HonoluluHawaii.
Submission deadline: March 11.
Rate: Paid. Talents will receive full payment upon satisfactory completing their roles.

(Dai Low)

LeadMale40 - 60 yrs
40 Pacific islander M – mob boss, tattoo, cynical, fighter.
Athletic build, ethnicity: Mixed or Pacific Islander Hair color: Black, Athletic Skills:Boxing or Martial Arts.


LeadFemale20 - 30 yrs5'6" - 5'9"
30 Caucasian/Mix F – Comic Character – mysterious, fighter, tall/thin, stunts (Michelle Pfeiffer/Cameron Diaz lookalike)
120 - 135 lbs.
PHYSIQUE:Athletic ETHNIC APPEARANCE: CaucasianLatin/Hispanicor Mixed  EYE COLOR: Blue HAIR COLOR: Blonde PERFORMANCE SKILLS: StuntsMartial Artsor Stage Combat  ATHLETIC SKILLS: Gymnastics or Martial Arts.

(Detective Fay)

SupportingFemale30 - 40 yrs 40 African-American F – reserved, intuitive stern. Average build, boxing, mixed martial arts background.

Chicago Fire (NBC)

TV Series | SAG-AFTRA | Starts: Dec 1, 2015 | Filming in: ChicagoIllinois.
The story of firefighters in Chicago, both on a personal and professional level.
Submission deadline: Feb. 29th.
Rate: Paid.
*** SUBMIT DIRECTLY TO: / Subject: Rough neighborhood 3.1 *** --- Please include a recent color photograph with all your clothing sizes, men: jacket, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, and shoe size. Women: shirt, dress, pant, and shoe size. Also need height, weight, age, and phone number.Some of you will have smoke marks on your clothes and face. This is why it’s important we have your clothing sizes. --- Filming 3/1

Rough Neighborhood Extras

Searching for all ethnicities for a rough neighborhood on “Chicago Fire” for Tuesday, March 1st, ages 20’s to 70’s.


NOW Casting…

Ladies Im in my final days of Casting E’s Hit New Dating Show
“Catching Kelce” Looking for Hot, Single Women who think they
Must be available to tape in Los Angeles beginning March 14th for up to 4 weeks


These are three comedic branded spots for a popular acne medication. No talent can have visible acne. Seeking approachable, attractive but not model-y talent. Please don't double submit - any talent submitted will be considered for all roles 🙂

DAUGHTER /""Parent in a Box" 1 & 2" /looking for Female / All Ethnicities / 18-22
Average, girl next door type. Not too dorky. Seeking good actors with strong comedy chops - please note comedy experience. No visible acne. Must be legal 18+ to play younger.
Wardrobe: Casual
Rate: $300/day + 10% agency fee

Tyrese ft. Veronica Bozeman Music Video Shoot Date is 2/20/2016, 2/21/2016, 2/22/2016

Ext. Office Background work: Male or female | ages 18 to 35 | all ethnicities | Exterior of office, must be good looking, general background outside of office.  Pay: $80/8hrs

Background work for Wedding Party in Music video: Male or female | ages 21 to 35| all ethnicities | must be good looking, general background work, wedding party (bridesmaids/groomsman etc) Pay: $80/8 hrs

please submit: first name, last name, social media links, 5 attached photos.

incomplete submissions will not be accepted.





SAG scale

This is the latest from Grammy-nominated, music video and commercial star director Jonathan Augustavo and Skunk Productions.

NO GOING BACK GAL / SAG-AFTRA / "Taco Bell/  Female / All Ethnicities / 21-32
Pretty, delicate, porcelain and perhaps a bit curvy and mousy. Cute, NOT modely. RED HEADS are welcome.
Wardrobe: CASUAL.
Rate: SAG Scale

BY HER SIDE / SAG-AFTRA / "Taco Bell/ Female / African American, Hispanic / 21-28
We're looking for a gorgeous model.
Wardrobe: CHIC.
Rate: SAG Scale

THIRTY-SOMETHING NEIGHBOR / SAG-AFTRA / "Taco Bell/ Male / Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic / 30-37
Likable, slightly nerdy, easily (albeit dryly) annoyed. Needs to be able to step out his front door, take in something very specific...and deliver a one-liner--without saying a word.
Wardrobe: CASUAL.
Rate: SAG Scale

Specify which role in email:





Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day From Couture Press!

Vanessa Michelle does it again
Model: Vanessa Michelle
Photo: Nicholas Mark Imagery
Beauty: Matt Gall
Stylist: Chantel Torio
Director/producer: Dericka Stenberg

Vanessa Michelle