I found myself in another dream like opportunity, reviewing The Boroughs Collection for Coach Spring 2014. Featuring Chic New York Streetwear. It was innovative yet raw classic,very impressive. An infusion of current trends such as animal prints and colors that are soft and nude. However staying true to their impeccable image that has made the New York based company a landmark in Fashion History. A true buffet of fashion.

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The showrooms aroma was a palpable rich leather scent, a vision for the eyes. The room seemed inspired by my father who was a haberdasher and buyer in his time, our heritage was represented  by the Dutch Tone Blue accents Incorporating the cobalt trend. True American past time classic sports ware  baseball gloves, bomber jackets and leather caps with a modern tone. One of my favorites a relaxed trench never looked so good. creativity at the highest level,classic still. Standout pieces such as the Sensational Two Tone Basketweave tote, Croc textured Spring White satchel,  Retro inspired high waisted swim suits paired with matching totes display fun splashes of color or a Stunning seamless suede shoulder drape dress demonstrates their versatility of fabrics and patterns. The infamous monogrammed C handbags have evolved into a reinvented chic.
Coach has done what a lot of luxury bag makers cannot do which is maintain the standard that has set them apart but also stay with the trends and create them as well.
Affordable and relatable.

Spring brings a fresh LOOK,a new SCENT,if you will. With this COACH Collection for Spring 2014, don't be surprised if it RAINS leather .


By: Maria B.

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