Hi there. My name is Corrinn McCauley. I am the head writer/editor for Couture Press magazine. I’m excited to share with Couture Press readers my thoughts and fancies here on our blog. Today, I bring you my first “Fashionable Friday” featuring the strikingly beautiful Lana Del Rey.

I’ve definitely been bit by some kind of radioactive creature that causes me to obsessively enjoyresearch. This quirk of mine caused me to delve deep into Lana Del Rey interviews and quotes. However, I will offer you the cliff note version of my discoveries.

Lana Del Rey has been a singer/songwriter since the age of 18. She first began singing in a church choir as a child but didn’t seriously consider it as a career until later. She said, “I was always singing but didn't plan on pursuing it seriously. When I got to New York City, when I was 18, I started playing in clubs in Brooklyn—I have good friends and devoted fans on the underground scene, but we were playing for each other at that point—and that was it."

As can be felt in Lana’s lyrics and the delightfully eerie sound of many of her songs, Lana was troubled as a teenager. At the age of 14, she was sent away from her home in New York to a boarding school in Connecticut to help her overcome her struggles with alcohol dependence. Regarding her addiction Lana said, "At first it’s fine, and you think you have a dark side—it's exciting—and then you realize the dark side wins every time if you decide to indulge in it. It’s also a completely different way of living… a different species of a person. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me.” The song that most clearly depicts her wild, hazy youth is “This Is What Makes Us Girls” which can be watched by following this link:

Lana has been able to use what she calls her “wilderness days” to add depth to her music and give back to those who are struggling. In 2012 she spoke to Vogue about her involvement in community service, "Homeless outreach, drug, and alcohol rehabilitation—that's been my life for the past five years."

Lana has now won acclaim for her music and her cinematography. Her music videos are absolutely stunning, noir style fantasies which I personally would be very happy to live in.

Another thing Lana does to perfection is style. Lana seems to be highly influenced by Old Hollywood glamour. She often mimics the style of Americana icons. One notable example is her Jackie Kennedy impersonation in her music video “National Anthem” as seen below.

Lana isn’t afraid to implement colors and patterns on occasion, but her main staple is white. If Audrey Hepburn mastered the Little Black Dress, Lana has taken over the little white dress.

Lana will often wear a collared shirt buttoned all the way to the top for a very polished, retro feel.

Often times Lana will glamorize her polished, minimalistic white outfits, or more casual looks with bold accessories. She loves chunky, sparkly, statement piece jewelry particularly hoop earrings. She also plays up her look with fun shaped sunglasses. A huge accessory staple for Lana is hair embellishments such as wide-brimmed hats, flower crowns, and headbands of all sorts.

Lana’s style definitely has sex appeal, and she doesn’t shy away from showing a little skin. But she always balances out her outfits so she isn’t showing too much skin all over. For example, if she’s wearing a short skirt, she would pair it with a buttoned blouse.

When going casual, Lana wears a T-shirt or sweatshirt sporting a brand of alcohol such as Budweiser or Jack Daniels

Lana’s signature style is completed by her hair and makeup. She always seems to have voluminous curls and the perfect cat eye. She sometimes wears a classic red lipstick, but most often favors a pretty, nude shade that doesn’t distract from her bold eye makeup.

This concludes my first blog post! Look for more “Fashionable Friday” posts in the future.

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