By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

On July 6 1907, 110 years ago, México saw the birth of one of the most influential women in the world of art, Frida Kahlo, and on July 13 1957, the death of the mexican artista. Today we commemorate and remember the woman who not only has touched Mexico and art, but has also left a great influence on pop culture, women and fashion all over the world.

The influence of this woman lies in her revolutionary look, always against the conventional and the established, she wasn’t interested in the norm and the rules of the well dressed. It can’t be said that Frida was the idealized beauty of her time and this is what makes her more attractive for the society we live today; Her individuality and personality helped her to create a unique image, and she was fearless of showing herself as she was. This security and strength in projecting herself in her self-portraits and in real life make her an icon for all women today.

Her love for Mexico and for the indigenous communities that lived there created her iconic style, she wasn’t afraid to show hers roots, experiment with color and mix patterns. Her bushy eyebrows, her big black hair, flower headdresses, red lips and her garments which included brocade corsets, hand embroidered skirts and pleated silks, have been the inspiration for different designers fascinated by the diversity and the richness of her appearance. Jean Paul Gaultier, Lena Hoschek, Valentino, Missoni, Givenchy, and many others have been carried away by the charm of this woman with rebelious spirit and have included a little of Frida’s fashion to their collections.

As a painter she stood out for her self-portraits, in which she showed an idealized version of herself, a way of communicating what she wanted to be, beyond the disability that put her in bed for several months. As a woman she felt that, more than beauty, she must show strength, individuality and ambition. As a feminist she rejected the ideal of beauty that society was interposing her, and as an icon, she has made her legacy remain over the years and has transcended the barriers of the countries, bringing her style to all corners of the world.

Her lessons about female power, love, society and individuality have left an echo in the world, a legacy for girls and women that support their beliefs in her life. And she has earned the right to have her name being said along with the most influential women of the XX century: Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy.

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