Meet Sterling:

She is a young entrepreneur who started her own clothing brand, Brick House Belles, at age 17. Raised in London, England, she moved to America with her mother at age 12. Her mother taught her to sew at a young age, which ultimately started her love of creating. Her clothes have a bohemian look and are inspired by comfort. They can also be worn according to one’s own personal style. She decided to start her own line when people at her high school, concerts, and through her job as a personal assistant, loved the clothes she made for herself, and realized people would be interested in purchasing her clothes. She made a website and started to sell her creations. What makes her clothes and brand so unique is that she makes all her own patterns, and uses only high quality fabrics. She also runs the business solely on her own, as she handles all sales, shipping, photos taken for the site, social media, and hand makes all clothing. Since she first started, Brick House Belles has increasingly grown, and is being shipped internationally. Because of this international craze for her clothes, mixed with her love for travel, and living in London, she has been able to connect with people from all over the world. Experiencing new cultures has helped inspire her ideas for the future of the brand. Fashion and mixed media creativity has been a source of therapy for her. She experienced Kidney Failure at a young age, and faced only a 42% chance of living. With the loving support of family, friends, and inspirational doctors, she overcame it. Making clothes with her mom has been a big factor in her overall wellness. Currently Sterling lives in Oceanside, CA. She is a Neurobiology major and with the money she makes from Brick House Belles, is planning to attend medical school so that she can help people with serious medical problems. She plans to partner with her mom and continue doing what she is passionate about: making clothes inspired by Psychedelic Rock & Roll and patterns of Paisley for Brick House Belles and keep inspiring people’s personal fashion.

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Sterling Farrant, Owner of Brick House Belles


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