Photo by Herm Pugay, Model Cory Wade Hindorff, Designs by Punk Kouture and Glynneth B Jewelry

(San Francisco, CA) – Designers, celebrities, performers and garments traveled from Brazil, Sweden, France, LA, NYC, and more to participate in San Francisco’s annual fashion showcase, Melange 2014. Celebrity designers, including Punk Kouture, who has designed for Rihanna & Nicki Minaj, as well as international designers, such as Peruvian Varignia Garcia, ventured to San Francisco to support the empowerment of a more diverse image of beauty and talent in the fashion industry.

 Photo by PicsbyMoe, Designer is Punk Kouture

Over 600 community leaders and local residents attended Melange 2014 to spectate this global celebration of diversity and human rights. Special guests & opening speakers for the show included diverse leaders of the Bay Area, including: Rev. Theon Johnson III and Karen Oliveto from the civil rights leading Glide Church; Jenn Kurrie, the President of Junior League of San Francisco, a woman’s leadership & community service organization; and Gil Padia, the Board Chair of Academy of Friends, which organizes one of the largest charity galas for HIV/AIDS resources in the Bay Area.

Photo by Herm Pugay, Designer is VC Couture
The show opened with an awards ceremony, hosted by Katiti Kironde, the first African American woman on the cover of Glamour and Harvard entrepreneur, as well as Cory Wade Hindorff, LGBT activist and finalist of America’s Next Top Model. Cory was honored with Model of the Year Award, and at Melange 2014, he took the runway by storm modeling for designer Punk Kouture. Cory’s look consisted of a jeweled, red plaid hat, fashion forward denim, glittered pants, and a top with black lace sleeves and a torso highlighting the iconic flag of Great Britain. Punk Kouture described his line as “18th century meets punk,” which is exactly what he delivered from head to toe.

Photo by Create Love Studio, Celebrities Laganja & the Barbies

Other award recipients included: Laganja Estranja, from RuPaul’s Drag Race receiving Performer of the Year Award; Bobby Lando, Stylist of the Year Award for his work with Iggy Azalea and Lady Gaga; Alessandra Senna from Brazil for International Fashion Ambassador Award; Chewy Jang, for Entrepreneur of the Year Award; and Charlie Robs, from Paris for Student Designer Award. VC Couture, a local Bay Area African American designer who has work featured in Vogue and Cosmo, was also awarded the Bay Area Designer Award.


Makeup designs by Sephora were featured on a total of 18+ designers on the Melange catwalk, including the world runway premiere of elemoon. Elemoon founder, Jing Zhou, flew out from NYC to attend Melange and showcase the technology innovation at Melange 2014. Elemoon has been worn by celebrities such as Lea Michele. VLADO Footwear was the official footwear sponsor of Melange 2014. Other celebrity designers included Natalia Fedner, who designed for Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and the legendary music and film celebrity designer, Glynneth B Jewelry. 100+ local models participated in the show alongside other celebrity guests, including the Barbies Addiction, who have worked with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, as well as Chapkins Dance Company from So You Think You Can Dance.

Photo by Herm Pugay, Designer is Heveanly Lines

This year, Melange also pioneered its first international show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The show showcased Melange’s concept of diversity and fashion integration into a celebration of life and self-expression, led by Cristina Ribeiro, the President of Melange Brazil and Creative Director of Melange 2014. Talia Romano, COO of Melange, explains, “Melange partnering with Rio de Janeiro City Hall and participating in the coming together of 32 countries for the pre-World Cup 2014 festivities in Brazil was exciting and such an honor. Brazil is a melting pot and with the World Cup there, it was an enormous opportunity in an ideal and timely environment for celebrating culture, diversity, unity, and self-love Melange style. These several shows combined a medley of art forms for spectacular, festival-like shows that provide a unique experience for the audience that is relatable and unifying in celebrating the enrichment that diversity and tolerance brings to society.”


The Melange concept continues to grow worldwide each year as it promotes the empowerment of the LGBT, Black, Asian and Latino community members to participate in the changing perception of health and social behavior by showcasing an image of beauty that is reflective of the rich diversity of modern society.






Melange 2014 Designers

  • Agota Hodi (Local Designer)
  • Alessandra Senna (International Designer)
  • Blaze of Sweden (International Designer)
  • Charlie Robs (Designer from Paris, E-Fashion Awards)
  • Chona Pike (Local Designer)
  • Elemoon (Celebrity Designer who has designed for Lea Michele)
  • Glynneth B Jewelry (Celebrity Designer who has designed for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and more)
  • Heavenly Lines (Local Designer)
  • Kids Dream (Children’s Designer)
  • La Belle Moi (Local Designer)
  • Lando Couture (Celebrity Designer who has designed for Lady Gaga)
  • Natalia Fedner (Celebrity Designer who has designed for Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and more)
  • Marise Oliveira (Local Designer)
  • Patricia Ayala (Designer from Australia)
  • Punk Kouture (Celebrity Designer who has designed for Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, and more)
  • Shazaam Costumes (Local Designer)
  • Synesthesia Muse: Luminous Firefly Dress 2.0 (Technology Fashion Designer)
  • Varignia Garcia (Designer from Peru)
  • VC Couture (Bay Area Designer Award)
  • VLADO Footwear (Footwear Sponsor)


Melange 2014 Celebrity Performers

  • Cory Wade-Hindorff (America’s Next Top Model)
  • Katiti Kironde (First African American Woman on the cover of Glamour Magazine)
  • Laganja Estranja (RuPaul’s Drag Race)
  • Barbies Addiction (Danced for Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez)
  • Marielle Mulligan (International Performer)
  • Adam Roth (American Idol)
  • Chapkins Dance Company (So You Think You Can Dance?)
  • Vidal Ekechukwu (Entrepreneur from Harvard Innovation Lab & CEO of Hottspot)
  • Scarlett Lash (International Model)
  • Brian Cory (International Model)
  • Sweet HayaH (Celebrity Band)
  • Thomas Goward (Danced for Beyoncé & Usher)
  • Nina Sawant (Aerial Artist and Stilt Performer)
  • Dilpreet Virk ( United Nations World 2014)
  • Adriel Diaz (Singing Performer)
  • Ladidi Garba (Singer)
  • Luis Paul Canales (International Performer)
  • Saya (Singer)


Melange 2014 Celebrity Stylists

  • Bobby Lando: Worked with such artists as Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj
  • Shae Lynn: Stylist and shopper for Betsey Johnson at the age of 17
  • Minh Tran: Styled for Louis Vuitton USA, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
  • Ana de Alencar Pint: Styled Jean Paul Gaultier in Mélange 2013


Sponsors and Partners:

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