By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

Minimalism has touched every aspect of our lifes for a really long time, it has reached art, decoration, fashion and even the way we live, and far from being boring Minimalism is the art of doing amazing things with very little, it shows the creativity and innovation of individuals, proving that a simple object can say more than we think, no wonder why the most stylish people in the industry have adopted this style as their characteristic look.

Minimalist clothes lets the person take the charge of the outfit and be the center of attention, in this case is the human behind the clothes the one people will be looking at, and will give him the possibility to own the look withouth being overshadow. Don’t get confused, this doesn’t mean minimalist trend is boring, opposite to this you can make it even more interesting and still be the center of attention.

Let’s start for some facts, Minimalist clothes are the most versatile pieces and because of their clean lines and classic silhouettes you can mix them in many different ways and with many other pieces that can highlight your look. An other fact that should make all of us prefer this trend is that it’s pieces are never out of style, you can wear them in different seasons and still look as flawless and trendy as others, but without spending hundreds of dollars changing your wardrobe every four months.

When it comes to Minimalist fashion is obvious that less is more but there’s a fine line between classic and boring that we should avoid at all cost. There are few key pieces you can wear if you want to achieve the perfect eye-catching look. Oversized sweaters, long coats, wide pants, simple-cut dresses and light fabrics might not be a statement when they are separated, but if you put this together you can create a really interesting visual concept.

This trend is all about color blocking, but it doesn’t have to be only black and white, and that’s the first mistake people make when they think of Minimalist, although black and white is not a bad idea there are plenty of pastels and earth colors perfect for this trend. A mix of fabrics will make your outfit go beyond normal and the adition of simple accesories will give you the extra edge you were needing.

Fashion has explored many different ways to please the most eccentric and unconventional tastes and personalities out there, and designers have found a very selected group in which they can explore all their creativity, allowding this industry to grow and become more artistic every time. However, these designs are not for everyone and some people just prefer going for a classic look. Different from what few people might think these minimalist pieces provide a very clean, put-together and classy look, instead of a boring and plain outfit.



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