The ageless trend

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

photos taken from @stylecrone

Age has always been a topic of discussion in fashion. For a long time it’s been said that fashion is only for young people, which has left behind this industry a very large group of people who equally want to look good and modern, and at the same time feel proud of their age, women who doesn´t want to look younger, they just want to be comfortable in their own skin, women who don’t feel as "old" as fashion says and feel more active than ever.

photos taken from @accidentalicon

A new trend has been born in front of our eyes, this is the moment of age-less; yes, that’s right. We have already gone through gender equality, we have also managed the sexual freedom, now it's time to say goodbye to age barriers, life doesn’t die when you turn 50, and definitely does not die when you turn 30 either, it's just the start, just ask our fabulous friends from Sex and City, these women are rocking their age.

photos taken from @bagandaberet

This trend is becoming so strong that now we are seeing fashion bloggers over 50 with an enviable style and followed, not only by women of the same age, but by all types of women. Lyn Slater (@accidentalicon) decided to create a blog that proved that older women could have an amazing style, "I was not seeing anyone who looked like me in the media, and wanted to celebrate the fact that old people are cool too and you do not disappear from the radar once you're over 40". This is the same story of Bag and a Beret (@bagandaberet), Not Dead Yet Style (@notdeadyetstyle), Style Crone (@stylecrone), Un Femme D’un Certain Age (@susan_unfemme), and many more.

photos taken from @notdeadyetstyle

Now brands like Calvin Klein, Mango and Botega Venetta are starting to use models over 50 in their most recent campaigns. Women like Lauren Hutton, Gillean McLeod, Amber Valletta, Chancellor Cecilia, Jan de Villeneuve, Benedetta Barzini and Marie-Sophie Wilson have walked the shows of Dries van Noten, Dolce and Gabanna and Simone rocha, demonstrating that this trend is more than just creating new styles and brands that fill these women’s needs; it is about the attitude women get at this age, looking modern, healthy and sophisticated.

photos taken from @susan_unefemme

It used to be very difficult for people over 40 to find garments that fit their needs, today, these people opened their own space and are beginning to be taken into account in fashion, without fear of telling their age or showing their grey hair and wrinkles, those are the new ageless women. Just think of Carolina Herrera, Anna Wintour and Dian Von Furstenberg, women with style and an enviable elegance. Women who, instead of being in their houses in a rocking chair, are on the runways.

This is a trend to see life from another perspective: the 40’s are the new 30’s, the 50’s are the new 40’s and the 60’s... well the 60’s are the new 20’s, a perfect time to reinvent yourself, to be whatever you want to be, a time to look beautiful and powerful, to be happy. A time when gray hair doesn’t matter, because they only give you more style.