By Carolina Benjumea Rúa

It seems like fashion has always been obsessed with the future, but for Autumn designers took it very literal and the futuristic trend got here with outfits that seem straight out of a NASA mission. The interest in this topic has created a new trend, designers used their imagination to create glamorous collections with their own personal perception about space.

As we have already mentioned, everything in fashion has a reason to be, every trend is born thanks to something that is happening in the world. This trend took off thanks to the discovery of seven new planets, which is a great advance in space investigation. But, is                     society prepared for these and more discoveries in space? Well fashion is, and is prepared in the most fashionable way, that's why we will show you the best looks for this season so you can adopt them in your everyday life.

Designers like Julius, Lacoste, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne, Christopher Kane, Loewe, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Comme des Garçons, JW Anderson and Gucci, took us to space with their Fall / Winter collections. But the best example is Karl Lagerfeld who surprised us with a spacecraft about to take off in the middle of the Grand Palais in Paris -So Chanel.

Metallic colors and simple silhouettes are representative of the Sci- fi style. This year we stick with the metal and leave the simple behind. Oversized coats and very elaborate garments, such as dresses, jackets and moon boots, colors like red, blue, pink, khaki, gold, silver and fabrics like fluid silver lamé, iridescent foil and chainmail will be the stars of the season. Clothing that makes us think that the future is now and there’s no need to look any further.

This trend is the best option to give a twist to the classic garments we always wear; let's forget the conventional outfits for this season, because now the Tweed jackets will take us to the space, the boots take us to walk on the moon and the coats give us a cosmonaut feeling that, let's face it, it wouldn’t look bad on us.

The first time we saw this trend was in the 90’s, right before the change of millenium. People were intrigued about the new things that could come with the XXI century and the new discoveries in the space. So far, technology has changed the way we communicate with other people, the way we study, the way we entertain and, apparently, the way we dress.

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