Versace. Luxury. Exotic. Rich.
I had the amazing opportunity in aiding the visual department at Versaces flagship 5th ave store for Singer and philanthropist Trey Songz Angels with a wish foundation shopping event, a cause dear to the singers heart. Comparable to an exotic car that everyone dreams to drive, Versace is a brand that many wish to own, and I got to test drive it.versace
The fragrance of fine fabrics was palpable, Bold patterns and colors, art pop.
versace versace4
The essence of Versace - irreverent luxury expressed by impactful shapes and colors. The Versace man is energized and sexualized: his look is pumped and volumes are exaggerated for effect.Everything is treated as a single, precious item, elaborated with painted and tailored details. The Versace woman is fearlessly looking forward to the new glamour of “Vunk” - the Versace Punk. Dresses are cut close to the body and play an idea of corsetry and draping.versace5
A season whose keywords are strength, bravery and energy.The perfect collaboration:Versace and the Haas Brothers, bringing together innovation and decadent design. Leopard print is reimagined in vibrant jewel tones and glossy gold honeycomb are the central themes for ready to wear and accessories. unique pieces sure to bolster any wardrobe with individual prowess.versace6
Another fun collaboration edgy, fun pop star M.I.A's Capsule Collection for VersusVersace brings together the rebellion of the rebellious star and one of the worlds leading brands. Offering fans a glimpse into her wardrobe.versace
From mannequins to shoe displays each detail is handled with meticulous care, everything must be perfect. This was an eye opening experience for me seeing the true hard work and dedication their visual department truly has. And of course the event was a success and a large portion of the proceeds for the shopping event went to a great cause. In closing there's really not enough words to emphasize my experience, I'm still in awe of the many jaw dropping reactions to the shoes and gowns, the studded leather jackets dripping gold detail, heavy hardware handbags the equivalent of a car payment. It's an investment definitely worth the price, seeing the seamstress tailor each gown with precision and perfection. Bravo Donatella.versace